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Relationships – How to develop a smooth Facebook Romance

       In today’s world driven ahead by media and social networks, it is not new or unethical to start relationships on facebook. A lot of people have met their current girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse on the social networking platform. Do not dream big, you cannot strike gold on the first try. You see a cute girl in your school and want to talk to her. You need to make friends, get close and then take the next step. All this can be made easy and smooth using FB. Step 1: First locate the girl in facebook and add her. You can send a simple message introducing who you are without showing any real signs of desperation. Just wait till she accepts your friend request. Step 2: Assuming that she has added you, you can spend your free time waiting for her to come online ;) to chat up. Give a couple of likes here and there, add an witty comment now and then. Check if she’s replying positively to your approach. Step 3: Assuming you can strike up a smooth conversation on

Facebook Romance

A Facebook Romance   ( 2012 ) – IMDb 2.5 A New York city girl falls in love with a Jordanian businessman over Facebook and decides to surprise him with a personal visit. What she finds is not exactly the person promoted on Facebook. Yes, that could happen to you over a facebook romance. There are two ways in which a facebook romance can take place. Scenario 1: Like in the movie described above. You meet a person on Facebook. You strike up a chat, like each other’s pics, comment on them, send private messages, exchange numbers and bang, a friendship is born. That, moves gradually into love and you enjoy each other’s company on an electronic platform. Your life revolves around your laptop and phone, skype and hangout and your romance is blooming. Scenario 2: You have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you had met in person but he/she lives away and you have no other alternative than to bond on facebook. This way, you build a good relationship even if it’s lo

Facebook Marketing - Make Business Popular

There are many fun ways to market your product on Facebook and make your business popular and reachable to a large crowd. Here are some: 1.         Fun Contest : Contests may be fun but those with prizes are awesome! Conduct small contests for fans and give away smaller prizes. Coupons, candy bars and free car washes are some examples. Request the winner of each contest to post a picture of themselves with their prize so it encourages more fans to participate! This way, you can ensure popularity of your page! 2.         Link Profiles : Always link your profiles, so it reaches wide audiences and readers. Incorporate the link to your like page in your blog, as your e-mail signature or send to your e-zine subscribers. When a user buys your product, make sure the checkbox that says “Send me regular offer letters and news/subscribe” is checked unless un-checked manually. Alternatively you can join many communities and leave links there that is directed to your FB fan page. 3

How to Get More Fans for your Facebook Page

             Another infallible way to make your business grow is creating your own Facebook fan page and getting more likes and shares. A friend of the writer started out as a designer with a small shop, but became increasingly popular as she asked a friend to model for her. They put up the pictures on their Facebook page and voila- Business boomed! Another candid photographer uploaded the pictures he took, tagged the people in it on the business page and got 10,000+ likes and great business! There are many such ways to creatively advertise your products on the social network. Create a Fan Page: First of all, create an attractive Facebook fan page. Make it colorful by adding great pics and include specifics to grab attention. Write about the product/service you are selling. Add specifications and detail, but don’t make it too long! Suggest to Friends: This may annoy your friends, but you can’t say how many will LIKE your page. Even if 10% of your friends like it,

Facebook Friendship - Making Friends on FB

  Are you shy? Do you not mingle with your classmates or don’t have other friends? Does your sense of insecurity and inferiority complex stop you from approaching people? Does your awkwardness make people who accost you move away? Do these sound like questions you get in a psychologist’s office? Heck, no! Fbsavvy is going to give you valuable advice right here. And the best thing – it’s free! You save your money and time waiting in your psychologist’s office! So basically, our writer has made a list of must-haves and must-dos to make friends on Facebook. Read clearly – friends, not acquaintances! Must Haves: 1.        An amazing profile 2.        Attention grabbing photos ( Decent and funky that guarantee likes) 3.        Attractive one-liners and status updates 4.        Funny pictures or cute stuff (animals, babies, etc) 5.        Patience – friendship’s like a tree- it doesn’t grow in a day – take time, nurture it, sweet talk and watch it grow slowly and b

Facebook TimeLine Tricks - Attractive FB Profile

Ever since the Facebook timelines has been released, it has become a fad to put up really cool pictures as cover pictures. An attractive profile picture is what makes people view your profile more number of times, tending to give you some likes on the way. Cool and funky pictures are a great way to get more shares! So, buckle up to make your timeline as catchy as possible and be on your road to Popularity! Coordinating your Profile picture and Cover Try to co-ordinate so your profile and cover appear as one photo and not irrelevant ones. This is simple and can be done using photo-shop or some templates that are available for free online. Here’s one example of what you could do: You can use your own creativity to make crazy but eye-catching covers that will reflect your personality without cramping your style. Some more ideas for popular Facebook cover pictures are: 1.         Random sketches if you are can draw well 2.         Matching landscapes wit

Facebook Advertising Tricks - Make a Business Thrive

Advertising is the best one can do to make a business thrive and online advertising, cheap and accessible to millions is the least expensive way to make sure your product/service is made popular. Ads can be used to attract attention of people for so long that they get interested in them. 1/10 th   of the interested people tend to buy the products, mostly women, so rest assured that if you are selling products that women would want to buy, you are sitting on a gold mine! Imagine this – I want to buy a pink t-shirt and I live in X street in Y town. So, when a random ad pops up when I’m on a networking site saying, “Pink T-shirts in X street, Y town! 30% off, Free Home delivery! Hurry till stocks last!!!!!!” Even with all the irritating exclamatory marks, I’d be attracted to the ad and would click on it, generating income to the website, and most probably buying it! Some people however, don’t really pay attention to these ads as they are busy ogling the photos or v

How to Get FB Likes for your Photos?

Have you never gotten more than a couple of likes for your fb photos? Do you want to be the popular guy who gets 100+ likes on every photo? Don’t worry! Nothing’s wrong with you, with only a few tricks, your photo will make it to the most viewed and most liked thing on your friends’ newsfeed! Our writer has analyzed that not all photos get many likes. For example, look at the photo below: Instead of a simple picture taken with a webcam, posing in group photos after a win or showing off a sexy new dress will guarantee you more likes. A group pic with other friends, at some event or get-together will attract more attention. Tagging your friends in this picture is a great idea! Then it will appear on your friends’ friends’ newsfeed and will get you more likes! Cutesy Pictures: There is never too much cuteness in the world! You can take a photo of a baby or a baby animal and post it. More attention-grabbing pictures are those with you and a bab

Be Likeable – How to make your friends LIKE your FB posts!

Have you wondered how some of your friends get dozens of facebook likes and comments on a single, simple post? Have you been the weird one who gets very few likes even though your updates seem very interesting? Are you the one of the persons who likes your own posts, just to attract some attention? Worry not!! Here are some tips to make you very popular amongst your friends’ circle and get maximum likes for your posts or photos! Tip # 1: Add more friends! The more friends you have, the most likes you’re likely to get! Fbsavvy’s online survey of Facebook users estimates that for general posts, about 10% of your entire friends are likely to notice your post. So, if you have 500 friends, you can easily get ~50 likes. You do not have to add random people; instead acquaintances or people in your gym class or swimming class or your soccer team will increase your friend’s list. Tip #2: Go Original! Do not quote somebody’s sayings unless they are very funny or interesting. Try

Facebook - The Giant Social Networking Website

Facebook – On a High!  Facebook, the giant social networking website is here to stay. Believe it or not, the site has been on the uphill ever since its inception in 2004. Transcending all norms laid by other sites, this one has become the blue eyed baby of many other advertising clients, literally. Though the site is free for members, for now, there have always been rumors that in the future, a small membership fee might be charged. However, at the rate the site’s progressing, our writer feels that would be unwarranted. “With the tremendous increase in advertisements I see in my FB page, I will not be justified with paying for it”, another user says.  Facebook is like the nectar of the social butterfly. Everybody is attracted by its simple but user-friendly layout, the new trendy, timeline and the ease with which the most functions can be performed. On the other hand, the shy and reticent ones are also addicted to the numerous FB games it offers. Based on a survey conduct