Facebook Romance


A Facebook Romance (2012) – IMDb 2.5

Faceboook Romance

A New York city girl falls in love with a Jordanian businessman over Facebook and decides to surprise him with a personal visit. What she finds is not exactly the person promoted on Facebook.

Yes, that could happen to you over a facebook romance. There are two ways in which a facebook romance can take place.

Scenario 1: Like in the movie described above. You meet a person on Facebook. You strike up a chat, like each other’s pics, comment on them, send private messages, exchange numbers and bang, a friendship is born. That, moves gradually into love and you enjoy each other’s company on an electronic platform. Your life revolves around your laptop and phone, skype and hangout and your romance is blooming.

Scenario 2: You have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you had met in person but he/she lives away and you have no other alternative than to bond on facebook. This way, you build a good relationship even if it’s long distance.

In Scenario 1, you might enjoy the initial mad love rush, the joy of finding the other online and the anticipation of what might happen. Whereas in Scenario 2, the relationship is already established, but you only need to keep things sailing smooth, without losing the interest and enthusiasm.

However, in Scenario 1, you are not sure of what you see. The person you befriend might not really be the person you think he/she is. Beware. Check if the pictures are uploaded regularly and are authentic, the person should appear genuine. Any suspicions, rule them out. Verify whether they are what they seem. Do not dally, make a date after you start feeling like you really like the person. Close relationships do not just arise from online dating, they are built on trust and understanding. 

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