Beware of the Facebook Account Hackers

I was checking my facebook profile last week when this message saying hackers finding new ways of hacking the accounts of the users caught my attention. So I checked my settings, reset them, changed the user id and password as per the specifications. I still wanted to find out more. So i just googled the words, facebook hacking on Google and was shocked to find out many links that provided ways to successfully hack peoples facebook accounts, boasting of a guaranteed access to other persons account.
Facebook Hacker

 Even to think that there are people who are very interested in viewing the details of the other person gives me a sickening feeling. And these people are most of the times on the friend’s list or acquaintance list of that person’s facebook account. This shows the level of intolerance growing among us. Even greater is the surprise to know that the hackers have so much free time to kill. The value of privacy, dignity and relationships is on a decline. Nevertheless, those of us whose accounts have not been hacked yet, have to continue protecting them, guarding them from the robbers, the hackers.

A few simple steps like,

Never click on the link which asks you to enter your user id and password to log in and claim the gift.

Never enter your log in id and password to the link which says your email account or your facebook account has been compromised. This link will prompt you to enter the user id and password. You can directly go to the sign in page of your email account or facebook account and try entering the user id and password there. If there is a problem with your account you will get information to the sign in page itself.

Hiding your email id and date of birth details from the profile page saves the account from being hacked most of the time. Mail id and date of birth are the 2 most essential pieces of information hackers need.

Following the safe route of a password with more than 8 characters, and with a combination of numbers and alphabets, capital and small and use of special characters like $,&,\,/ is always helpful.
For example, Vidya can be typed as, \/1DYa _ 0/\/\ (VIDYA_ OM) which cannot be hacked by the tools used by the hackers.

Choosing the secure browsing mode while using facebook limits the other external apps from harming your profile.

Facebook also offers its users the option of entering a security code every time a user tries to log in from an unknown device. The security code is privy to the user and hence helps keep the hackers at bay.

Always uncheck the option which says ‘keep me logged in’. This makes sure you have to enter your user id and password every time you want to log in.

It is always advisable to log out after accessing facebook every time.

Upgrading the browser to the latest version is a sure shot way to keep away from the phishing sites as the browser will always warn while navigating to an unknown or suspected phishing site.

So let us outsmart the hackers!!

Facebook can Become an Unbreakable Prison

Facebook – Why do I hate it?
10th anniversary of Facebook was recently celebrated on 04 February 2014. And the meter of Facebook’s achievements did not stop. For example, Facebook has a strong presence of over 1.23 billion active users as of January 2014. Facebook has an approximate market capitalization of over $134 billion. Facebook CEO also appeared on the list of biggest charity donors. Yet we find many of the facebook veterans or members who have used facebook for the last decade or so are getting wary of the site. The list of people who hate facebook is increasing. Surprising? Not really. We all know that. For example, from

‘Did you see the wedding photos of XYZ on facebook?’
‘Did you see her baby’s photo on facebook?’
‘Did u see their honeymoon photos on facebook?’ to
‘Did you see the rain photos on facebook?’
Did you see the morning sun’s photos on facebook?’
‘Did you see the photos of the sumptuous lunch on facebook?’
‘Did you see the photos of the twinkling stars and reminiscent moon on facebook?

Well the answer is no, I have not seen any of these photos on facebook because i thought it would be sensible enough to actually witness the beauty of the events by being present at the venue physically,  rather than being glued to facebook all day long experiencing the virtual world,  and being amused over the pictures. Why did I choose to do so? Of course there are many things happening simultaneously in the surrounding. Like the morning rays of the sun also bring the soft tunes of the birds chirping away happily.  The early morning weather freshens the soul. Not just the bride and the groom but the entire display of colours at a wedding appeals to me much more than the picture perfect photos of bride and groom on facebook. I can get wet in the rain outside, listen to the thunder, and see the lightening. I sharpen my god gifted senses when I actually experience rain rather than watching the pictures on facebook. Most importantly I receive, experience all this information first hand, unadulterated unlike on facebook.
Hate Facebook

I can choose to see what I want, listen to what I like, smell what appeals to me and taste the actual sumptuous lunch by physically being present in the rain, at the wedding, at the lunch and so on. I get the freedom when I step outside the virtual world into the reality.  The privacy settings have to be changed over and over again. Over usage of facebook decreases the productivity of the employees. Overcrowding has given a hard time to cops for events organized on facebook. Hacking is a problem which facebook is still struggling with. Profiles of children under the age of 18 go unchecked. Facebook addiction has invited a variety of psychological disorders especially among the teens. These are a few of the many problems that are increasing at an alarming rate.  

 Using facebook as a pass time once in a while is ok but when facebook becomes a way of life for some, it is sure to bring along with it a plethora of unending, ever increasing, physical, psychological problems.

Facebook can become an unbreakable prison.  The lesser we use it the better.

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Facebook is My Drug I will be Crazy if taken Away

Facebook has become a part of everyday life where many adults and children could not sustain or reside without that,we spend more of our time on face book activities by constant posting and constant clicking up of images , liking the images and few more activities like that are we addicted to that lets have a look or symptoms of it is facebook a drug and you go crazy without that: We start sharing stuffs with people on surplus amount , that is I am talking about over sharing of stuffs when we addicted to something or we start loving things in abundant amount we start sharing more stuffs, but do remember that Facebook is social networking site where we should have certain limits for sharing because we must not regret for things happening after sharing , most of the facebook adductors start sharing stuffs whenever they find time …. 

Facebook Adiction

 Then comes the next frequent activity, is being absent minded because some check around face book for few minutes for new responses and newsfeed this will distract your thoughts in all means , this will lack all your activities and you will find tuff to complete all your activities on time, this is the other symptom of facebook drug Thirdly comes the symptom of updating status and spending more time for it is really dangerous, ask yourself have you ever spent time on updating facebook status, always thinking about on what to update something cool, new, humorous, and entertaining even this sort of activity is very bad to hook up with Next comes reporting to facebook that is whenever you log in why do post one or other stuffs though there is nothing much to convey, some update all events what all happening in their life which is not real mundane at all… 

 Spending hours together on browsing facebook , after this if you are not able to log into facebook even for a day then its like something you are missing great in your life, ask yourself is it worth spending more time on it without knowing what is happening in and around you Facebook is social networking site which connects people easily, enjoy the technology but don’t be a craze former to it, facebook is only an entertainment don’t change yourself a victim to that drug,and now recently many facebook updates has been made to attract more people towards that no thing wrong in that because it’s a concern which needs all innovative ideas to implement and sustain its level in marketing, enjoy the features of facebook don’t be a victim to it…

Sharing Experience with Facebook

Millions and millions of young adults uses Facebook and with this Facebook took a survey where people are using this social networking site for at least 30 mins a day, people use this site to observe the contents more than posting the contents in it. Mostly it is used by the youth to keep connected with their offline friends on all almost every day and share their experiences photos, their life beings and all stuffs.
Facebook, gives us all innovative products that help us to connect and share.
Facebook Experience

Facebook provides answers to thousands of questions and it always aims on people comfort to answer their questions and make them understand their app easily.
Recently Facebook included new apps on resetting the  applications such as if you are not added on Facebook it helps us to manage the app successfully in all means and it teaches the people about new  arrangements on it.
Facebook also shares many tools in open content if you report or block a content you can log on to your account settings where you can see what actions can be taken by Facebook for your complaint on the content.
This reporting process helps Facebook to remove or block all abusive contents from it and Facebook is really happy with this process or tools it have with it

With this even you people can share your Facebook experience with us, Facebook is place of gathering were people can express their thoughts and views on others and the place of addressment and durable gathering stay connected and make use of the apps in safest way of it.

Why Should One Have Facebook Login?

The content being posted in facebook are all about a person’s personal content all about your likes, dislikes, pets and all other information’s through which your personality is being broadcasted to other persons, in all means. Through which many brand products are being marketed.
A number of branded products are being marketed in the same way, Facebook users can find many products being marketed in all same way, one best example is Intel “museum me” and its nothing but it takes each individuals Facebook friends, photos, activities, Posts, videos, and more combing them all to create a virtual centred information about a user on that particular facebook network.
Facebook Login
This Intel idea was a real success; it has been used by many users over 100,000 users in all means this created a revolution in, the campaign it has got other application that people can create stories and find their beat matches.
Facebook created other application that is it took other important sport lovers profile instantly say it took foot ball lovers profiles and created a app like “your team your dream” and started showing the scores of all matches in all means. This way facebook is developing its apps worldwide to make people get in touch with all stuffs in single touch.

This app was a real successful in all means for all foot ball lovers, it started sharing videos of all matches and scoring displays were done instantly too. The main reason for facebook creating such a app is that it want to explore more new brands with people and make it comfortable for all users to get it done with each single way they are. Users must not leave or search for any other way to full fill their needs. So users if you have login in your facebook it’s the best way to get connected with much stuff and there more incredible usage of this login

Youtube Interesting Stories and Facts

It is really interesting to hear that people do TV campaign for you tube, and other interesting fact is that India is the 4’Th country to do that. We even advertise in television for you tube and during IPL seasons we use you tube extensively whenever it is required for the most.
As of the recent survey taken, India ranks the third largest user for you tube, after USA and UK the other part to be considered is even other smaller countries like Korea, Vietnam and few others are soon joining this eco system
What is making You Tube so famous?
Most of the you tube users are below 30 years, most of the top channels of internet are only based on comedy platforms, You Tube takes up special comedy shows to make it sustain, Viral shoe for instance it’s been developed by IIT students, they aspired to achieve something different in the field so they started this comedy show and 70% of users visit it
Was this idea implemented successful in other countries?
You Tube tried launching the same comedy shoe there at USA and UK but it was not a total achievement there, as people focused only on the You Tube partners and nothing more than that, but in India we have 90% comedy shows and 70% religional shows which is been given which we already have.
Youtube Facts
What's the vision of YouTube in India?
Main aim of you tube is too make it as a daily motion for consumers, that is all media related subjects must delivered and consumed by people through You Tube , it’s been done successfully for IPL Matches, since we Indians are cricket Lovers.
Most of the visitors are tire 2 and tire 3 cities, You Tube tried taking to the people at Chandigarh, Haryana and few other places to take media to reach places to that extent and it’s been estimated that in next few years it will reach other 100 billion people.
Penetrations of smart phone in Indian market made it easy, many of the android phone uses You Tube as its play back option and hence its being achieved through many phone users in market too.
 India gives the best innovation in TV its aint about You Tube or TV it’s all about quality of picture led there.

Facebook - Being Used by Many People in the World

Facebook is being used by many people including all small children and adults so its privacy settings are found to be so important in all means for safer enjoyment. Here are few tips which you can be hook up with to protect your account
There are simple ways to protect your photos from hack and there are even ways to untag your photo so that you can save yourself from others watching you. Simple steps to be followed are just click on the photo which has to be untagged after its getting loaded, right click on it you will find two options to remove or untag from which you can untag yourself
Facebook World
Unwanted friend request can be avoided:
In your work place, if you want to maintain a total privacy then please don’t send any requests to your colleagues, there or by professionally if you are a doctor or teacher don’t let any other people to view your profile, you can go for settings and change your profile settings accordingly to which who can give you a friend request.
Ways to avoid the bunny boilers:
If you feel like someone is tracking you, then you change your privacy settings which appears in right corner of your account, so that you could change settings accordingly to that who can contact you.
How to stop prospective employers finding out too much about you
To stop the employee viewing your profile or getting to know more information’s about you go to drop menu box and change your privacy settings, such that all your older posts are not visible to persons to whom you want to show.
How to reject your mum’s friend request without upsetting her
If you want to avoid any one of the friend request sent to you, you can just ignore the request sent so that no one will be hurted enough
Usage of Facebook can even track you

Using facebook in your mobile can even track your place where you are being, in order to avoid that disable the facility of new posts in your timeline.

Features of


   Just like other mail services, Outlook .com uses Ajax programming and supports various browsers. It also allows keyboard controls that can help users navigate around the mailbox without the inconvenience of using a mouse. For  more techsavvy users, query syntaxes help retrieve search indexes, apply message filters, organize mails by folder and sender and prompt of e-mail addresses while typing.  Now users can export contacts to CSV files, rich text formatting, make rich text signatures, scan for spam and viruses and use the mailbox in different languages.
Privacy and Security wanted to challenge privacy settings and hence doesn’t scan users’ attachments and use them for advertisement purposes, unlike gmail. E-mails are safe and personal conversations are ad-free. This is a great relief to those who get annoyed by gmail’s constant ads with information taken from user e-mails. DMARC specifications are used to provide better security and transmissions happen using the Extended Validation Certificate. Now, Microsoft has added a two step validation to make it more secure.

App Integration now integrates the mailbox with Office Web Apps to allow viewing and editing important applications such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. This feature can be applied to documents that are attached in the E-mail messages. SkyDrive can be used to save these documents and they can be directly sent to senders. SkyDrive lets users to save documents upto 25 GB at 50 MB each. These documents can be shared between other users. This feature is similar to that of Google Docs.

Sweep and Filters offers a ‘virtual broom’ that allows users to delete or move large number of conversations into any folder based on the sender’s information. Once the sweep occurs, users can save the settings so that each time the particular sender’s e-mail goes directly to a particular folder. Custom sweep rules can be set up using not only sender’s or recipient’s information, also subject and attachments in the mail. also features a one-click filter, which allows users to filter all e-mails based on various rules, whether they are unread, from People Service list, from mailing lists or Windows Live groups. Categories will be formed for quick views so users can access these groups of filtered mail easily.

Categories and Quick Views

   Users can set up different labels to create categories and using quick view, access them easily. Multiple categories can be selected for each piece of e-mail and new ones can be created now and then, when the user wishes so.

Instant Messaging and Skype Integration

    Users can send IMs to other contacts and also make Skype calls. The Skype calls can be made within using the Skype desktop client. 

Windows Live Hotmail


   Think of E-mail and Gmail comes to your mind? Well, it had not been this way always. Ask your father or uncles and they would still be using Hotmail. Teenagers of the late 90’s would know this pioneer in E-mail services too. It is back now, with a new avatar and chic looks. One of the world’s first webmail services, Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California. In 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail for about $400 million and launched MSN Hotmail, which was later renamed as Windows Live Hotmail. The last version of this Webmail was released in 2011 and awaits future updates. Windows Live Hotmail is being used by about 360 million users and comes in 36 different languages. Recently Hotmail was replaced with the page, and as the name says, the site resembles Microsoft Outlook. also features Metro Design Language, unlimited storage, Ajax, Calendar, SkyDrive, People and Skype.

The Security Hitch

   In the year 1999, Hotmail faced severe security problems, with hackers revealing that anybody can log into a hotmail account with the password ‘eh’. This incident was widespread and made hotmail very infamous. In 2011, another security hitch was discovered. Around this time, hotmail became very unpopular. Thousands of hackers got access to numerous accounts and millions of accounts were hacked. Competition to Hotmail did not appear till 2004, when Google announced Gmail. Gmail featured greater storage, speed and better interface. Hence the mail service with advanced features really pushed Hotmail to improve their interface and usability better.

The New Avatar

    When Hotmail was re-launched as Windows Live Hotmail, it was released as a beta version to some testers. The new interface was made from scratch and was a vast improvement from Hotmail by being faster, simpler and safer. Slowly updates were released to the users on better features such as more storage space, better interface and better experience. Signing in and access speeds were increased and user feedback was used to make it better.

Further, more themes and Instant Messaging made this web-mail service more sought after. Users could exchange IMs with their contacts on Windows Live Messenger. A new roll-out called “re-invented Hotmail” had Instant Actions, scheduled sweep and other categories.


    Last year, made its first public appearance. Windows Live Hotmail users were able to upgrade to/downgrade from it. Since February, Hotmail users were forced to move to but still have the option of taking up either or retain their addresses. As of May this year, 400 million users actively use Aren’t you one of them? Sign up today and feel the difference! 

Running a Successful Facebook Page - 5 Ways to get likes

1. Choose the Theme and the Name

   First step is deciding what your Facebook fan page would be about and naming it right. If you run a site or a blog, you should be naming your page the same, so it would make your business popular. This name will help your customers find you while they search or even accidentally come across. There is a 25 character limitation on the fan page name, but short names are better remembered, so good!

2. Great URL and Greater Description

   You’d want to consider giving your page a fancy URL. This will look good while helping customers remember who you are. Description is the ‘About’ column on the page that will talk about your site, your business and provide a link to view it as well.

3. Search Engine Optimization

   Facebook pages are indexed by google and other search engines. So, filling up the description of your page with keywords will help increase your page rank. This kind of page optimization will help build up your page popularity which in turn will help your business as well.

4. Design your Page Well

   Not only the best content, but also a good page design wins you some points. Make your facebook page look attractive by incorporating a great design. Only an attractive page will bring in readers and fans. Remember that we’re all attracted by first impressions, so upload a superb cover picture that will make people go to your page on seeing it. If you do not have a great photo, you can make a good logo for your business. Either that, or you can hire a photographer or designer to do the above for you. While you have a good cover picture, do not ignore your profile photo. This deliberately comes up every time you post something, so it extremely important as well.

5. Page Promotion

   Now that your page is ready with great design and valuable content, you are now ready to put in online and promote it. For newbies, the best way to make a page popular is to request your friends to like it. You can send like requests to your friends, family and acquaintances who have an interest in your brand. Your present customers will provide your some likes when invited. Add a facebook Like button on your site that will help existing customers to like the page. Ensure you have regular activity that keeps your fans’ newsfeed updated. This will keep you popular. Add at least 2-3 new posts every day. Make sure you do not spam other’s walls, this may make them un ‘like’ your page!

Apple Imports NOT Banned In the US

   That’s a relief to all the Apple fans out there that the trade body’s decision to ban Apple products was vetoed by the government. This ban could have meant that some Apple products like the iPhones and iPads would not have been allowed to get imported to the US and sold here. The reason for the ban was that, the standards set by the Standards Developing Organizations (SDO) have incorporated some technical advances that are subject to the commission’s determination. This statement means that the patent owners could pose potential harms to offer licenses. Even the European Union has similar policies that could ban product import and sales in that continent.

    Samsung, the rival of Apple, is not too happy with this decision. It is because, Samsung has been negotiated to take up a license but Apple remains without one. This veto, that comes as a surprise after almost 25 years,  doesn’t stop the legal battle between the two electronics giants.  The veto was necessary as there are many companies that are supporters of Apple, like the AT&T. Even if the ban were to be implemented, Apple would somehow handle the situation and make way out of it, some researchers said. However, an Apple spokeswoman said that, “Samsung was wrong to abuse the patent system in this way”.

   The Apple products that were banned were the iPhone 4 and some variations of the iPad 2, as they violated some patent held by Samsung. The iPhone 4 is the older model of the Apple phone that is being sold even today. This legal battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on ever since Apple sued Samsung that some features of the Android phone copy that of the iPhone’s. Last year, Samsung was asked to pay Apple one billion dollars for the patent infringement, but the amount was later reduced to 450 million. This trial is not settled, as is awaiting a rematch in the court.

   It would have been impossible for the government to ban the single most taxpayer in the country. Yes, Apple pays huge taxes in the US. But Samsung is the largest seller of smartphones here. It outsells Apple by almost double the amount. However, the profit made by the latter is still huge. Why- Apple phones are more expensive and reliable. Like they say,  ‘once an Apple customer, always an Apple customer’. 

The Who, What and Where of Facebook - Security Tips

    Great news is that, you can now completely control the 3 W’s of facebook privacy. The Who, What and the Where. Who can access What in your profile and from Where. On your homepage, you can view the sidebar called Privacy Settings and Tools, that will show you a list of Who can see What on your profile. There’s a tab called ‘Who can see my stuff’ where you can manage the viewers of your future posts. This can be used when you’re posting any status by choosing the audience selector. But, when you change it in the settings menu, it remains as default for any post of yours unless it’s changed by you.
Facebook Security
    Review all posts you’re tagged in: This tab means that you can use the Activity Log to see every update of yours before it goes to your Facebook profile. You could be tagged in a new photo, what you listen to on Spotify and any status you’re tagged in will seek your permission before updating  these details on your profile. This log is important, as you can also choose who can see your updates and whether you want any particular update to appear on your timeline or not.

    Limit the audience for past posts: If your privacy settings were set such that all your previous posts were viewable by “Friends of friends” and now you change your settings, you can apply the current settings to all your old posts as well. This will increase the privacy settings of not only your present activity, but of your old activities as well, which is a good thing, in case you want to change your privacy settings. This way you know for sure that none of your old posts are set to “Public”.
    From where can People look you up: You have the option to set who can look you up, using either your e-mail or your name. If you can set that everyone can look you up using your name, then anybody who knows your name can search and find you on facebook. If you set the email option, anybody who has access to your email id can look up and find you. This is a safe option as most of your friends/colleagues only would have your email id.
    Linking your profile to Search engines: In case you don’t want your profile to show up in search engines, you can turn this feature off. If somebody searches your name in Google,  they will not find your facebook profile.
    All these settings in facebook privacy are easy to understand, but need to paid attention to, in order to tweak them as you want to.

How to make Friends on Facebook

     In order to make friends on facebook, the first most important thing you need is a facebook account, which you can sign up for by simply providing your username and password. (If you didn’t already know this:-P) After your account is created, you may be befuddled if you don’t immediately know what to do; Haven’t your friends always told you how great facebook is and you have no idea how this thing works?? Worry not, as fbsavvy has all the information you need in this nutshell.

Finding Friends on Facebook

Facebook has this feature where it lets you select acquaintances and friends from a list that it makes as you enter your details, such as your school name, where you work, which city you are from, etc. If you were unable to spot your friends from this list, you could very well use the search tool present on the home page and enter your friends names one by one and hit search. Your search could be optimized if you enter more details about your friends like which school they went to, which city they live in, etc.

Making New Friends on Facebook

After adding your friends, you’re still bored. So you want to make new friends on facebook. This is not so complicated either. All you need is a little patience and a lot of interest in meeting new people. You can enter some hobby or interest in the search box and see, if you can find friends who have the same interests as you do. This will help you have fun while getting to know new persons and making friends.

Gaming Buddies on Facebook

Are you always online, gaming away on facebook? Are you familiar with a few of your random opponents and may be want to make friends with them? You could send them a request, or send a private message that you would like to be friends with them. If they are interested too, they would add you and voila, you have a new friend who shares the same interests as you do.

Friend Finder on Facebook

There is a tab called Friend Finder on facebook that will help you find some friends that you have missed adding. This way, you can enter your e-mail addresses(multiple, if you have) and enter search. So, the friends you have on other networks like yahoo and google could be added to your facebook list as well.
Facebook Friends
Always remember, while adding friends, be courteous and respect others’ private space. There’s a list of WHAT NOT TO DO ON FACEBOOK, which is coming up on fbsavvy soon. Watch out for it!

The iPad Mini-2 Releasing Later this Year

    It was heard earlier today that Apple has ordered panels for its iPad from its screen supplier, LG. The main reasons for these are the impending release of the iPad – 5 and the iPad mini 2, the former followed quickly by the latter. The iPad mini 2 uses the retina panel technology. Almost two and half to three million sets of the tablet are going to be released this year end, probably be delayed by a few months and get a 2014 launch, but again, it’s a rumor. LG, the maker of the retina display panels is making new progress, promising spectacular display of the Apple baby.

    October, which was initially marked for the release of the tablet, may not be when the action really happens. The launch of the iPad 5 in September could likely delay the mini’s release. However, LG’s report denied these rumors. Last week it was said that the delay could be caused by the indecision of Apple whether to implement the retina displays in the mini or not; but now we know for sure that these are definitely coming. Yet another news that reached the ears of many a gadget freak is that, the shortage of these retina panels could be what’s causing the delay. One particular report addressing this concern stated that, two versions of the iPad mini could be released, the earlier one without the retina display, and the later one, with the same.

    From all these, one can conclude that a retina display device is definitely coming, but it could be early 2014, practically. This tablet would appear thinner, feel lighter and sport an almost bezel-free design. Other upsides of this gadget are a better processor and the obvious display. The iPad 5, however will sport the latest OGS (One Glass Solution) touch panel made by the Taiwanese company TPK. It would be tough competition and a cause of joy for all the Apple fans out there to see which tab is going to be the best this year(or next!)

Apple Geared up for fall release for Ipad 5

    This fall, the world would be witnessing the release of the Apple Ipad 5, which promises to be better than the best! Apple has allegedly placed order for a large amount of touch panels for this device, the next in line to join the family of quality tablets and we at fbsavvy expect the release date to be during Oct-Nov this year. Come holiday season, check out on our first-hand review on this amazing device! Apple fans this year have one more thing to celebrate! The tablet is incorporating the new OGS(One Glass Solution) touch panel, made by a Taiwan company, popular in the market for their capacitive touch sensors and monitors. A little birdie on the market told us that they would receive many more orders for the Ipad-5 display pieces within the next two months!
    This unique, first of its time touch panel uses a single piece of glass that does both the jobs of being a cover lens as well as a sensor substitute. Incorporating the glass as a sensor will not only reduce the cost of the device, it also makes it lighter and slimmer. These panels are relatively cheaper than the G/G-type panels that were used by the previous iPad versions. The OGS is being dubbed as a “thin film touch screen technology” that is going to make the tab lighter by at least 20% compared to the iPad-2.
    We can expect the iPad-2 to be slimmer with a lesser margin area, so the screen size would be optimum. The OGS promises the same. Further, we hear that the tablet’s resolution would be a whopping 2048X1535 pixels, which if true, would make it the most spectacular display ever. Its backlight would feature one instead of the earlier two light tubes. The end of the third quarter of 2013 would be a profitable one for both Apple and TPK, the Taiwanese OGS touch screen manufacturing company.
    This company is expected to manufacture the touch screen of the iPad mini as well, which was rumored to be releasing later this year. However, fans of the Ipad Mini should wait a little more for its successor, the I-pad Mini 2, as its launch is delayed because of its big sister, the I-pad5.