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Facebook Friendship - Making Friends on FB

 Are you shy? Do you not mingle with your classmates or don’t have other friends? Does your sense of insecurity and inferiority complex stop you from approaching people? Does your awkwardness make people who accost you move away?
Do these sound like questions you get in a psychologist’s office? Heck, no! Fbsavvy is going to give you valuable advice right here. And the best thing – it’s free! You save your money and time waiting in your psychologist’s office!
Facebook Friendship
So basically, our writer has made a list of must-haves and must-dos to make friends on Facebook. Read clearly – friends, not acquaintances!

Must Haves:

1.       An amazing profile
2.       Attention grabbing photos ( Decent and funky that guarantee likes)
3.       Attractive one-liners and status updates
4.       Funny pictures or cute stuff (animals, babies, etc)
5.       Patience – friendship’s like a tree- it doesn’t grow in a day – take time, nurture it, sweet talk and watch it grow slowly and bloom (A writer made that up and deserves full credit :-P)

Must Dos:

1.       Keep your profile’s  visibility as public, so everybody gets to see it
2.       Keep adding a few updates everyday so your friends find your name frequently in their newsfeed and like your posts.
3.       If you’re online most of the time, ping a friend and start a casual chat. Alert: Do not do it too often, as they might get pissed off at you and block you
4.       Keep a positive, confident attitude. You are a cool dude and the world will see it. Patience till then!
5.       Stay cheerful and think of things to talk about. You cannot start a conversation and have nothing to talk about. You may come off as a boring person!

Acquaintance to Friend:

This transition occurs slowly over time, when you keep in touch with the new friend (but not overly bug him/her). Keep casual and light chats and sign off within a few minutes (10-15). Long chats tend to get too tired. When you like some photos of your new friends, they will return the favor, for courtesy. You can then begin leaving small, funny comments and they will do the same. Take care, no insults or swear words, there! Finally, remember them. Wish them on birthdays or anniversaries. When you see a post about something important in their lives, be sincere to wish or condole them. Friendship on Facebook is easy, but it is in your hands to take it a long way. 

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