Facebook Advertising Tricks - Make a Business Thrive


Advertising is the best one can do to make a business thrive and online advertising, cheap and accessible to millions is the least expensive way to make sure your product/service is made popular. Ads can be used to attract attention of people for so long that they get interested in them. 1/10th of the interested people tend to buy the products, mostly women, so rest assured that if you are selling products that women would want to buy, you are sitting on a gold mine!

Imagine this – I want to buy a pink t-shirt and I live in X street in Y town. So, when a random ad pops up when I’m on a networking site saying, “Pink T-shirts in X street, Y town! 30% off, Free Home delivery! Hurry till stocks last!!!!!!” Even with all the irritating exclamatory marks, I’d be attracted to the ad and would click on it, generating income to the website, and most probably buying it!

Some people however, don’t really pay attention to these ads as they are busy ogling the photos or vicariously reading status updates. They have eyes only for their newsfeed. Let’s make use of that as well. Create a page on fb, marketing your product. Have some nice glossy pictures put, some user reviews and photos of models who are showing off your product. Encourage, request and even BEG your friends to like your page. Curiosity kills brain cells and your friends’ friends will like it, and the list goes on! Free marketing!! Up for grabs!

A few other FB advertising tricks are to give away free stuff to a few random people and advertise that you are giving away free stuff (Believe me, a lot of people will do anything for a freebie, including buying something else totally unnecessary as well). Also, make the words, “VALID UNTIL STOCKS LAST”, “LAST FEW LEFT”, “50% off, ONLY TODAY” and so on and so forth. Customer is the king, but hey, you are the magician!


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