How to Get FB Likes for your Photos?


Have you never gotten more than a couple of likes for your fb photos? Do you want to be the popular guy who gets 100+ likes on every photo? Don’t worry! Nothing’s wrong with you, with only a few tricks, your photo will make it to the most viewed and most liked thing on your friends’ newsfeed!
Our writer has analyzed that not all photos get many likes. For example, look at the photo below:
FB Likes for your Photos

Instead of a simple picture taken with a webcam, posing in group photos after a win or showing off a sexy new dress will guarantee you more likes.
A group pic with other friends, at some event or get-together will attract more attention. Tagging your friends in this picture is a great idea! Then it will appear on your friends’ friends’ newsfeed and will get you more likes!

Facebook Photo Likes

Cutesy Pictures:

There is never too much cuteness in the world! You can take a photo of a baby or a baby animal and post it. More attention-grabbing pictures are those with you and a baby/animal!!  Here’s one such example:
FB Photo Likes

(I don’t say this cat is cute, but hey, I’m just providing examples here!)
This kind is sure to get you loads of likes and comments like, “Aww, so cute!”, “Very cute”, etc. You can trust this trick is a sure way to get more likes on Facebook, as the writer has one such photo of herself (and her kitten) on her page, that has gotten her 50+ likes :-D

Time it Right:

Even a great picture needs the right time to be liked! Nobody is going to be online at 2a.m. reading the newsfeed! When you have a great photo clicked, have patience till the next morning, or noon at least. That’s when your pic is likely to get noticed and not lost amidst other posts. “Evening when your friends come back home from school is the best”, a very liked fb users confesses. “I always post pictures of myself in the evening when my friends get home from school. And they like it and even ask about it the next day. I’m now both popular in school and online”, she beams.

Goof it Up!
A goofy and funny picture is sure to get you more likes than an ordinary photo where you are simply posing. The goofy technique was discovered by our writer when somebody uploaded a picture of her stoned and smiling goofily which was became a little too popular before it reached her mother.  Busted!! 

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