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Relationships – How to develop a smooth Facebook Romance

       In today’s world driven ahead by media and social networks, it is not new or unethical to start relationships on facebook. A lot of people have met their current girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse on the social networking platform. Do not dream big, you cannot strike gold on the first try. You see a cute girl in your school and want to talk to her. You need to make friends, get close and then take the next step. All this can be made easy and smooth using FB.
Faceboook Romance

Step 1: First locate the girl in facebook and add her. You can send a simple message introducing who you are without showing any real signs of desperation. Just wait till she accepts your friend request.

Step 2: Assuming that she has added you, you can spend your free time waiting for her to come online ;) to chat up. Give a couple of likes here and there, add an witty comment now and then. Check if she’s replying positively to your approach.

Step 3: Assuming you can strike up a smooth conversation on Facebook, it is now time to move ahead. You should probably smile at her when you see her during school. Wave or just nod and wait for the smile. Cross all checkboxes once you get that! You are now officially ready for the next stage

Step 4: Get her number casually during the next chat. Now you can text/whatsapp her all the time, but be aware of her private space and do not sound desperate.

Step 5: The final step, or the graduation of Facebook Romance, as FBSavvy calls it, is asking her out on a date, get in to a relationship and upload a photo of you two together! (Wait till you see how many likes you’re gonna get. Especially from her friends – if she’s the popular one at school)

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