Be Likeable – How to make your friends LIKE your FB posts!

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Have you wondered how some of your friends get dozens of facebook likes and comments on a single, simple post? Have you been the weird one who gets very few likes even though your updates seem very interesting? Are you the one of the persons who likes your own posts, just to attract some attention? Worry not!! Here are some tips to make you very popular amongst your friends’ circle and get maximum likes for your posts or photos!

Tip # 1: Add more friends! The more friends you have, the most likes you’re likely to get! Fbsavvy’s online survey of Facebook users estimates that for general posts, about 10% of your entire friends are likely to notice your post. So, if you have 500 friends, you can easily get ~50 likes. You do not have to add random people; instead acquaintances or people in your gym class or swimming class or your soccer team will increase your friend’s list.

Tip #2: Go Original! Do not quote somebody’s sayings unless they are very funny or interesting. Try to make up your own tongue-in-cheek quotes or your view of anything recent happening. (Beware; do not make them controversial, they could land you in trouble!) Here’s an example: Instead of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, you can say, “An apple today sure kept the doctor away, but the tooth I broke biting it took me to the dentist!!  ”

Tip #3: Awww… So cute!! Everybody loves cute stuff! Upload a puppy or a kitten pic and see how many likes you will get!! Note: Be original, again! Let this be a pic you shot with a title, “Found this cute fella near my school” etc.

Tip #4: Be Active! One sure way to be noticed is to notice. Like your friends’ status and pics and add comments. No fancy comments required. Just, “Looking pretty/handsome” or “Nice Pic” will do. This will encourage your friends to like your fb pics back, just out of courtesy. Moreover, if you like/comment, this will pop up on your friend’s newsfeed, so there you go, more popularity!

Tip #5: Tag the right people After a meet up with some old friends, or a movie or any special outing, add the pictures and tag the people present in them. So the pictures will appear on your friends’ walls as well and your friends’ friends will like them too! Even posts like, “Yesterday was fun! Thanks to” and listing your friends’ names will guarantee likes. Otherwise simply say what movie you watched or what place you went to; tag the location and friends names’.

Getting FB likes is no herculean task! It’s just a matter of logic and using the right technique to attract your friends’ attentions to your wall posts and pictures. So follow these simple tips and get your social life started, with a BANG!
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Anonymous said...

Aziz Jamsur said...

i will to people for like my status

Rhenz YhumYhum said...

be Yourself :)

melito alla said...

Prince Gaurav said...

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Rubel said...

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Rubel said...

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Rubel said...

যে স্বপ্ন
দেখতে জানে ,সে তা পূর্ণও
করতে পারে”
আমরা মনে হয় স্বপ্ন দেখাই
ভুলে গেছি…আর যেটুকুই
বা দেখি তা নিজেরাই বিশ্বাস
করতে চাই না…তাই পূর্ণও
করতে পারি না।


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