The Google Nexus 4 – A Surprisingly low priced, amazing phone

   The latest of the Google’s own nexus devices is manufactured by LG but has its own core and a vast collection of pre-installed Google apps and the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Instead of inventing new high –end specifications in an expensive phone, this version of the nexus has incorporated the premium specs in an affordable handset. The quad-core processor, 4.7 inch display makes the Nexus 4 compete with the Iphone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, but this champ comes with a far lower price tag than the other two.


   We would not go so far as calling it the best handset in the market, but it a looker. The dots on the back make it look snazzy, which many men may not fall in love with at the first sight. Apart from that, it is 9.1 mm thick and feels comfortable in the hand. The close resemblance to the older apple phones can be noted in the Nexus 4’s design. The plastic feel of the back glass, absence of a removable back plate and mounting of the sim on the side tray are some design features borrowed from the apple phones. The screen is relatively smaller than the Samsung S3, but the pixel per inch density is much higher than the latter. The biggest advantage of the screen is the expansive viewing angles.


   The Nexus 4 has two cameras, the 8MP primary camera on the rear and the 1.3 MP front-facing camera. These however, are a tad disappointing. The camera app is easily accessible, but has poor contrast ratios. The LED flash is just average, but the digital zoom is a disaster. One new feature incorporated in the phone is the Photo Sphere, that lets users take a 360° panorama shot for an impressive and rounded picture. The video recording capabilities of this phone are amazing; it has provision to capture stills while recording videos.


   The Nexus comes with limited memory storage, you have to choose between either the 8GB or the 16GB variant and the memory is not expandable. Except for heavy multimedia users, this phone is a joy to use for smart-phone amateurs like our writer. The high quality video play, fast refresh rates and excellent color management makes this phone visually a treat, compared to its more expensive counterparts.
   Despite housing a chunky 2100mAh battery, the battery life of this device is not too great. The processor and display drain the battery extensively and this is accelerated during the use of apps and games. One would be pushing to use this phone for a whole day. The newest features like the NFV (bumping the phones to transfer data) and wireless charging were promised by Google, but yet to be tested for effectiveness.   

   In short, the Nexus 4 comes with a smooth processor, hitch-less operating system and fully loaded features – all with a relatively small price-tag. This phone may not change the phase of smart phone markets, but is sure of a head-turner and might, with future models, force the other companies to lower their phone prices.

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