The Nokia Lumia 520 Vs. Lumia 620

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The Nokia Lumia 520 is the most affordable of the Windows 8 phones available in the market. Even though it costs lesser than the 620, it is packed with better features which make it a better sought-after phone comparatively. The 520 comes with a 4” LCD screen with WVGA resolution, better than its sister- the 620. The viewing angles are even better too. The Lumia 520 is marginally thinner than the 620, but is of the same thickness as that of the 820. It comes with changeable covers, the concept originally brought in by the Samsung Corby.
Nokia Lumia

   The battery of the Lumia is not too great, but it is better than the 620 but not as good as that of the 820. The phone comes with 8 GB of in-built storage, which can be expanded up to 64 GB. It comes with a 5MP camera but no front camera. That is a disappointment from the 620.The processor used in this phone is the dual-core Krait at 1GHz which is pretty good for this phone. In short, the Lumia 520 is a better deal than the 620, with lower price and better features.  Considering the features and the cost factor, it looks like there will be no takers for the 620, if this phone dominates the market users, looking for phones in this price range.