Nokia Lumia 1020 Leaked Specs!!

   Mere hours before the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, its specs have been leaked by AT&T on their youtube account. This video throws exclusive spotlight on the phone’s camera specs and its video capture. The most captivating features are the 40MP camera with 6x zoom and the 720p HD video capture. Since the video is leaked, eager buyers will already be able to view the phone just hours before its launch.

   As mentioned, since the Lumia 1020 houses a 41 Mega Pixel camera, the one of its kind high resolution camera phone. It comes with a rear snapper, Xenon flash and full 1080p HD video capturing. It is going to be a tough break for its competitors like Samsung and Sony to beat this, to provide an excellent camera, without compromising other features. Nokia, known for its classic Window phones uses a 4.5-inch AMOLED HD display with resolution of 1280X786p. The 1.5GhHz processor, 2GB RAM is the best of the lot available in the market. The Windows 8 phone comes with 32 GB internal memory and an additional 7GB of SkyDrive space!

   According to the rumors, the primary camera even comes with six lens optics and an optical image stabilization. The phone consists of a dedicated camera button, that is physically absent in many of the phones available today. Our writer hates her Sony phone for that!! L So coming back to the Lumia 1020, it comes with a screw mount to attach the camera to a tripod. Oops, did I saw camera? I meant the phone. (!) The phone comes in black, white and yellow colors. We don’t understand Nokia’s fascination with the lemon yellow that seems to be featuring in all its latest phones, the color is pretty harsh to the eye, but hey, if the users like it, the critics will applaud.

   This windows phone, makes sure the other smartphone features are not compromised. The Nokia PureView 808, which is Symbian running and contains all the latest features of a smartphone. Tonight’s launch,  that is due to happen at 4PM is being eagerly awaited by millions. It will be known by tonight if the leaked video is good enough, or if more specs are coming our way. So, Nokia fans, wait for it!