Not Mobile Technology - A Review

First of all what is Not Mobile Technology? It is actually a communication, entertainment and information platform which is compatible with the Windows mobile platform.  It was developed by Wi Not Inc and came into the market on 7th July, 2008. The company is a native of Greece.
This particular application uses the web scraping technology to convert applications and Websites to be compatible on the mobile form platform.  It is a freeware and supports multimedia, communication as well as entertainment and provides a platform for the same. It offers various features to its clients like Online TV, Online Radio, Mobile games, Social Networking and Chat Facilities, and Mobile Commerce. Some of the features offered by it were not available in the beta version which was first released on 2008.
Features of Not Mobile Platform
As mentioned earlier, the Not Mobile Platform offers its clients with various features, some of which are unique in nature. For example it provides its users with crawlers. Crawler is a program which can be used to search and categorize the various web contents. Generally the crawler in Not Mobile platform is used to categorize the audio files.
Another interesting feature offered by the Not Mobile Technology is the Online Television and Online Radio facility. Users can screen among a list of more than 400 channels and the database is updated regularly. The Online Radio offers the listeners with more than 200 channels to choose from.
The instant messaging facility of the Not Mobile is another feature that is worth mentioning. It automatically translates the exchanged messages of the conversation. The Social Networking Software allows the user to browse through the home pages of the specific sites. This feature is helpful in both saving time and data usage as the user needs to only click on the specified page and need not waste time searching for it.
The mobile game platform of Not Mobile platform is another unique aspect that it offers to its clients. With this facility the user can play games in the flash format. Further it supports online gaming and search based gaming, in which the users need to just type the name of the game in the browser in order to start playing the game.
The mobile commerce facility of the Not Mobile Platform allows the users to carry on their trades through mobile. This feature is very useful for people who do not have enough time to sit in front of computers daily.  Also it supports various extensions which make it easy for the mini applications that use the plug and play technique to function.
Keeping these features in mind, it can be said that Not Mobile Platform finds its application in the various Windows platform based mobiles to offer quality service to its clients. This facility works on the fact that the key technology that enables the proper functioning of a device is a platform based framework which transfers data into services for all devices, including mobiles. Thus Not Mobile Platform is rapidly gaining popularity because of its features.

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