Apple Geared up for fall release for Ipad 5

    This fall, the world would be witnessing the release of the Apple Ipad 5, which promises to be better than the best! Apple has allegedly placed order for a large amount of touch panels for this device, the next in line to join the family of quality tablets and we at fbsavvy expect the release date to be during Oct-Nov this year. Come holiday season, check out on our first-hand review on this amazing device! Apple fans this year have one more thing to celebrate! The tablet is incorporating the new OGS(One Glass Solution) touch panel, made by a Taiwan company, popular in the market for their capacitive touch sensors and monitors. A little birdie on the market told us that they would receive many more orders for the Ipad-5 display pieces within the next two months!
    This unique, first of its time touch panel uses a single piece of glass that does both the jobs of being a cover lens as well as a sensor substitute. Incorporating the glass as a sensor will not only reduce the cost of the device, it also makes it lighter and slimmer. These panels are relatively cheaper than the G/G-type panels that were used by the previous iPad versions. The OGS is being dubbed as a “thin film touch screen technology” that is going to make the tab lighter by at least 20% compared to the iPad-2.
    We can expect the iPad-2 to be slimmer with a lesser margin area, so the screen size would be optimum. The OGS promises the same. Further, we hear that the tablet’s resolution would be a whopping 2048X1535 pixels, which if true, would make it the most spectacular display ever. Its backlight would feature one instead of the earlier two light tubes. The end of the third quarter of 2013 would be a profitable one for both Apple and TPK, the Taiwanese OGS touch screen manufacturing company.
    This company is expected to manufacture the touch screen of the iPad mini as well, which was rumored to be releasing later this year. However, fans of the Ipad Mini should wait a little more for its successor, the I-pad Mini 2, as its launch is delayed because of its big sister, the I-pad5.