Nokia Lumia 925 - Stylish Design, Forgettable Features

   Another impressive smartphone from Nokia is the Lumia 925. With excellent call quality and a great display, the Lumia 925 is here to stay. The phone features the 1.5GHz Krait CPU with a dual core processor, 8 Mega Pixel camera with a dual LED flash camera. A fresh change from the plasticy-colorful Nokia phones, here comes metal with the 925. A successor of the 920 sans the wireless charging (Which we were not a fan of), it has more or less similar features including the camera.

Nokia Lumia 925 Design

   The internal design of this phone is almost same as that of the 920, but the external design is completely different. Instead of the plastic, the 925 incorporates sleek and metal finish. The Aluminum metal runs around the edges, gives it a much mature look in white, black and grey. Thankfully, no gay yellow rears! The quality of the build is sturdy and feels great in the hand. The width of this phone is slightly lesser than its counterpart, the S4.The camera, however makes the 925 bulkier. It projects out a bit, making the holding the phone kinda uncomfortable, especially during taking photos. But, it is a relief to see that this smartphone is slimmer than its predecessor, the 920.

Nokia Lumia 925 Screen

   As with the other Nokia phones, this one too sports the AMOLED screen, the resolution of which is not the best.  When the trending phones are of 1080p, the Lumia 925 is a mere 332 dpi, which disappoints. Viewing the screen normally makes no difference to the user, but a close up reveals a crude pattern of red, blue and green dots all over the screen! (Nobody who owns a smartphone wants that!!)

Nokia Lumia 925 Features

   No points for guessing that the 925 is a Windows 8 phone – It’s darned obvious! The famous Nokia Maps is not called HERE maps and is available in this phone, like many other Windows phones. The other apps that are included here are also good. The gap between windows and the android operating systems is now fast closing in. Of all the apps available in the Windows market, only about half are available to the Lumia 925, and we can expect updates to set this right and soon users can find all the apps for this phone. The web-browsing experience of this phone is quick and sassy. The Pureview camera, with the 8.7 MP sensor is not as good as the S3 or the S4’s but it is decent. The lens is remarkable and the pictures shot are surprisingly sharp. The thumbs-up for the anti-shake feature used here and the low-light performance of the camera is amazing.

   Overall, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a good phone, with decent specifications, moderately priced and though not a winner in the Smartphone market, doesn’t lose out either. It is definitely a bench mark for other future Nokia Lumia series phones. 

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