The Sony Xperia Z Ultra Mobile Review

   Sony Xperia phones never cease to amaze us. Neither does the latest Xperia Z Ultra, which is seen by competitors as the absolute top boss of smartphones. This phablet is 6.4” long, ultra-sleek and ultra-light. It is not only the thinnest phablet, it is the one with the newest snapdragon 800 processor, which is much more advanced than the  Samsung Galaxy S4’s.  The 1080p screen is a treat to the eyes for any Sony lover.

   The size of the Z Ultra is pretty big- it is slightly bigger than the Note II but smaller than the Nexus 7. Though the phone is an excellent device for gaming, browsing, texting, watching videos and other entertainment, when it comes to making calls, it’s too big to hold to the ear, especially during long calls. The Omni Balance design – that has been incorporated in the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z is outstanding. Its looks – Aluminum frame and tempered glass on the front and back make it look clear but need regular wiping to remove fingerprints. The Bravia Engine comes with a Triluminos display that makes the colors better than that of the Xperia Z.

   The Z Ultra is water-resistant, likt the Xperia Z, but the IP58 certification means it can go deeper than 1m of water and can stay underwater for even longer than its predecessor. The 8MP camera is just good, but the lack of LED flash is disappointing. The magnetic charging dock is something new – it contains a magnet the pulls the phone to the correct positing to plug it in while charging. The phablet works with a stylus as well – a pen or pencil will serve the purpose.

   The battery is decent, lasts for a day on an average. Of the 16GB in-built storage, 11GB is available to the user. There is an additional expandable memory slot, which makes the phone a repository of all entertainment sources. With a slim and sleek design, amazing display and latest features at a pretty good size, this phablet is probably the best in the market, so far. 

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