The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Review

       Everybody has their eyes on the latest phone entering the gadget market, and a few months since its launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still at the top of the charts for the best smartphone of the recent times. The S4, when compared the HTC one, featured a better display and higher resolution camera. The 1080p Super AMOLED display makes the pictures sharp and clear. Samsung phones in the past could be never compared to Sony Xperia series phones for the display since the Sony Bravia engine display was incredible. S4 comes one step ahead and makes the phone as pretty as Xperia counterparts, but not so gorgeous as the Xperia Z (We can discuss this later, here). Samsung phones have always been praised for the great camera quality and S4 doesn’t disappoint.

       The snapdragon 600 processor with the quad-core Krait CPU make the phone quick, efficient and almost lag-free. The battery life of this smartphone, which was up for debate a couple of months ago, has been made better with an upgrade. It comes up to 13 hours of talk time, 8 hours of web browsing and 10 hours of video playback. The phone runs for about 60 hours for music play. This, in the recent times is the best battery life ever. Our writer had a good old java phone, which she charged only once in two days, and with her latest smartphone (A Sony make), she has to carry a charger in her handbag every day.

Apart from the hardware, the software of this phone has gone a major upgrade. TouchWiz, the user interface is amazing; the sounds and music from this phone are great. In terms of design, the S4 has not gotten a face-lift since the predecessor, but it looks chic and trendy. The body is thinner and the display is better, but it is still fingerprint-prone.