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HI everybody and welcome to instructional exercises point my name is pavan doll rabbit and you're watching a series on power Pierre Microsoft power brew what is Power BI why you ought to learn power brew and what are the benefits of utilizing this force brew let us see that individually number one what is actually Power BI a force brew is the business knowledge apparatus which is accessible market here which is one of the best device in the market today now as a result of numerous reasons these are the reasons this force bi apparatus can deal with reports and dashboards you can clean information in power bi work on information displaying part and furthermore envision information OK so these are on the whole the reasons in view of which it is business knowledge instrument presently why you ought to gain proficiency with the force bi what are the reasons allowed us to see that number one it's anything but a most well known apparatus in the market today second you can see there's an appeal for Power BI specialists in the market it is basic and extremely simple to learn just utilizing button clicks you can do a considerable lot of the capacities here next whatever day by day manual undertakings you are doing in the organization like getting the information cleaning making diagrams and afterward distributing on the web or imparting to others this can be totally robotized in power PA simply utilizing button clicks and the last one on the off chance that you are a director or on the off chance that you are a higher pecking order supervisor searching for this one why you ought to pick power bi when contrasted with different items it is one of the least expensive instrument in the market in private investigator that is only ten dollars for every client per one alright that is a least expensive cost which you can get it now another explanation why I ought to go for power bi let me give a model like we you may have heard about private comm that is one site which looks by any means the press every one of the lodgings across the world and gives you the best and the least expensive inn same way in India we have Pesa ringer comm strategy bell comm so strategy ringer come thinks about all the approaches and gives it the best and the least expensive approach same way for IT specialists we have gotten an organization Gartner organization readies this sort of Cotton's and analyzes every one of the items dependent on highlights functionalities and cost so here on the off chance that you see there are unique items PA items in this accessible on the lookout we have click see tab you and Microsoft also, you can see Microsoft is on the top so in the event that you contrast and other brew items and is outstanding amongst other device in the market today there may be a struggle Microsoft is a brand there are numerous bi items inside Microsoft so still you can see power bi is truly outstanding here presently the following one we have what is the power bi engineering how can it work inside and out so let me clarify you power bi work area there are numerous instruments in power bi however we'll be generally zeroing in on power bi work area so power bi work area is utilized by engineers to make reports and diagrams guess you make an outline you make a report you are an engineer OK presently you can make a graph or reports from various information sources like you can get ready from Excel CSV PDF SQL Oracle what's more, site and furthermore from 99 unique information sources bring information from 99 information sources make graphs visual and afterward at last in the event that you need to impart to somebody you can utilize power bi help account this is an online record which is accessible on the web and afterward you can distribute every one of your reports into power bi administration so this whole work is totally mechanized you don't need to do it physically get information from Excel month to month make a few graphs and afterward distribute it online so this can be computerized utilizing this force bi engineering currently let us find exhaustively this force bi work area is partitioned into numerous parts what are those parts number one there are numerous devices in power bi initial one is power question second one is power rotate and third one is power be a help or a malignancy power see so here power question is utilized for cleaning information power P watt is utilized for information demonstrating also, Power View is utilized for representation information OK you can make outlines and reports in this specific Power View the majority of the organizations invest parcel of energy in this two instruments that is power question also, power unadulterated here 70% of the time goes in cleaning information kneading information and afterward no one but you can chip away at making diagrams and reports right now the following one how troublesome is power bi on the off chance that you are coming to control bi interestingly in the event that you are another client to any bi instrument how troublesome it is allowed us to see that it is simple simpler than Excel I can see in Dominate you need to type a capacity we look into some normal least here you do not need to type simply simplified and you'll find the solutions so it is very simple next one it is as I said it is a standout amongst other bi device on the lookout consequently it is not difficult to adapt again 100% preparing would be down to earth whatever themes I'll be appearing in the whole video series all points are pragmatic nothing is hypothetical here and the following one most of the themes which I'm showing AP individual of the preparation or the recordings are just done by button clicks so assume if you don't have a console no issue still you can learn Power BI attempting to say button click implies it's super simple anyone can learn Power BI right so I trust you've perceived for what reason to realize Power BI  what are the benefits and how simple it is that is totally supportive of this video.

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