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How to create Power BI Report in Simple Way

How to make a force be a report in under 5 minutes power bi is outstanding amongst other apparatus in the present market in the event that you contrast and any other item let us say scene click see or any elephant bi any item power bi is extraordinary compared to other we'll see an model here how to make report in under 5 minutes furthermore, easily effectively to make a report we need some information so I have kept the information in the record named as 1.5 power be a super store so this record is simply an example document which is having around 21 sections in the event that you see on the right hand side 21 sections it is the information about the business organization where any thing which has been sold it will the record has been produced here and around there are n thousand records in this document you see there are triple nine for records in this information here and the name of this table which I'm utilizing is the name of the table is request stable so I'll utilize this information to make an example report in power B F alright presently the name of the sheet is structure sheet name of the table is structure stable so I'll tap on close catch presently I'll open this force B a report and snap on this Dominate button here 1.5 open and afterward I will get this orders table and just click on load button the explanation I'm not tapping on changed information since I realize the information is spotless here there is nothing to be spotless in this information source simply click on load button that implies I'm Alright to make outlines for this informational collection so when you click on load button on the right hand side you can see every one of the 21 segments which have been given here whatever sections were there will be present here some place you can see there's a schedule symbol that would not joke about this' a date information type alright some place you can see summation symbol you can see markdown benefit amount that implies it's a number datatype now this is an orders table that is presently a name of the inquiry I'll just grow this OK that is where you can choose the diagrams and make the diagrams and here you need to put the fields whatever fields you bring it here yet, presently since you're new to this force bi in the event that you need to rapidly make a report OK in under 5 minutes what is the strategy I'll show you this strategy named as AI in bi fake insight in business knowledge so what I can do is you simply recollect the name of the segment suppose locale deals classification deals alright these are name of the segment assume in the event that I need to make a straightforward pie diagram suppose area deals what he can do is I'll just double tap on this put on the screen furthermore, here I can type area deals the text style is little so I'll zoom the screen here so I'll simply zoom for you definitely and here I can simply compose the name of the segment here area deals in pie alright compose area deals in pie and this will make a pie graph for you so I'll simply resize it appropriately and presently if you approve of this in case you're fulfilled with this outline you can simply tap on this OK catch and this will make a graph for you alright so that is a straightforward pie graph now in the event that I need to make one more doughnut outline suppose for classification there is some class segment here and I need to make classification deals in a doughnut diagram so I'll just double tap on this spot and afterward I'll compose the name of the segment classification deals classification deals in doughnut alright furthermore, I'll select the primary alternative doughnut what's more, whenever you are happy with what they are asking they are giving you can simply click on this OK catch and you can see that is the alright catch I can click and doughnut diagram is made alright same way recall the segment names one more assume I need to make a pipe graph for subcategory deals there's a section given here subcategory let me show you that is a subcategory and I need to make a subcategory deals as a pipe outline same technique same stunt simply twofold click on this please it will n type sub class sub - classification space deals in pipe alright and afterward you can simply tap on this alright catch I think it's anything but right so I'll simply eliminate this segment here again I can simply double tap on this place type as sub class sails in pipe subcategory deals diabolical and you can click on this catch here that is OK button so that is a straightforward channel graph we just made alright so it's extremely easy to make here now let us make two additional diagrams I need to make one line diagram line graphs are ordinarily made for a date field so I have a date field here that is structure date so I need to make a line diagram for request date deals so I'll simply move my screen here double tap and I'll type here request date deals in line diagram OK select that and you can tap on this button here that is a basic line graph furthermore, the last one I need to make a guide so there's a field named bequest so I need state-wise benefit in a guide so I'll simply double tap again and type here as state benefit in map state benefit in map and afterward it will require some investment to stack and then, at that point you can simply tap on OK catch if it's anything but stacking perhaps I can make a straightforward table here state benefit in table also, click on this catch here so I'll simply click on this so when you finish I can simply show you the screen here at this point that is a basic report OK I'll just limit this windows which are not required I can limit I can likewise limit this strip which isn't required so that is a catch little catch where you can limit everything here well that is a straightforward report now what is the magnificence of this force be a dashboard or on the other hand report I can say not a scramble but rather it's a report here assume this a West area which is given here in the event that I click on this West district different reports would be separated for that west district alright same way in the event that I need to in filter or clear channel essentially click on this spot so this is for classification deals you can see the heading deals by classification on the off chance that I click on this office supplies the dim blue shading on the off chance that I click on this spot I can see the subcategories by deals the states by deals state by benefit, etc so every one of the reports every one of the graphs would be separated here and on the off chance that you need to do clear channel basically deselect here and clearly you need to you know center about the arrangement part it ought to be appropriately adjusted and afterward you can do it right so that is a straightforward AI in bi man-made consciousness in business knowledge so I trust you comprehended step by step instructions to make report in power bi in less than 5 minutes.


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