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Microsoft Lumia 650 Official Specs & Price Unveiled in India

Apart from the tech giant Apple Inc, Microsoft is the only sole (major) competitor to the Android operating system with its exclusive Windows OS in the market. Although, the Windows Share in the mobile market is quite lesser compared to the Android, there is an exponential growth to the Microsoft make for sure. Their legendary brand “Lumia” certainly has some potential even to the midrange and startup section, however it also has a decent competitive mobiles in the high end region. One of the long term waited device from Microsoft hub, the “Microsoft Lumia 650” gets its official recognition from the maker itself. We are here to have a strong discussion to the Microsoft Lumia 650 Smartphones official specs and price as well. Official Specs of Microsoft Lumia 650: Microsoft Lumia 650 Official Specs & Price Unveiled in India Earlier, there were lot of leaks made available with the Microsoft Lumia 650 mobile and to give the complete full stop to it, the manufacturer came forward to mak

Weimei We Plus 3GB RAM Smartphone with Metal Unibody

Irrespective of the mobile makers, if it has any uniqueness, it reaches the potential customers with no hesitation. In such a way, another gorgeous device has been launched in the Smartphone world in the name of “Weimei We Plus”. One of the first major attractions made by this device in the market is that, it comes with the Metal Unibody. According to the official reports by the maker, interested peoples can certainly buy this device from the official website. In terms of the mobiles pricing section, it has the price tag of about Rs.22095 (approx.) and it is a direct sale from the maker indeed. Weimei We Plus 3GB RAM Smartphone with Metal Unibody Key Features of Weimei We Plus Smartphone: The Weimei We Plus device is also anticipated to grab its place with the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 mega event. According to the official announcements, this mobile could be available in Grey and Silver color options. Almost, 89% of the Weimei We Plus mobiles sleek metal body is covered

Lenovo Lemon 3 Plus 3GB RAM Mobile Launching @ MWC 2016

The world mega mobile marketing event, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 is around the corner and hence the mobile manufacturers are extremely doing well to display their device on the show. With respect to that, the Lenovo mobile maker is set to unveil their Lemon 3 Plus Smartphone at the MWC 2016, which is officially confirmed by their teaser on the Internet. According to the official teaser by Lenovo, it comes with the tagline of “ #KnockOut Coming Soon MWC 2016 ” indeed. Another tweeter message made by the company states that, “A gorgeous new device has been engineered from scratch to deliver the #Knockout punch. Brace yourselves”. Lenovo Lemon 3 Plus Mobile with Dolby Technology: Along with the teaser of the same, it is very evident that, the Lenovo Lemon 3 mobile could come with the Dolby Atoms Technology. Interestingly, you can also get the dual grill speakers at the rear panel. Another interesting news with the image is that, it could have a metal body as well. Lemon 3 Plus

Huawei Y6 Pro Smartphone Launched with 4000mAh battery

There is another newbie device from the Huawei’s hut, and it is termed as “ Huawei Y6 Pro ”. This is an upgraded version of the last years Huawei Y6 Smartphone. In other words, Huawei Y6 has the international recognition in the name of Honor 4A. Interestingly, you might know the “ Enjoy 5 ” and the Huawei Y6 Pro is another variant of the same. The Enjoy 5 device was released few months ago in China, and the Y6 pro gives another way to extend the boundaries of the Huawei mobile market, globally. Even though it is an upgraded version of the one year old device, some of the specs are suggesting that, it could be another midrange device in the current market. Before going in depth to the Huawei Y6 Pro let us first have an overview on its specs table. Huawei Y6 Pro Smartphone Launched with 4000mAh battery Highlights of the Huawei Y6 Pro Smartphone 2016: Powered by MediaTek SoC 5inch IPS HD Display 2GB RAM & 16GB internal memory 4000mAh battery 13MP Rear & 5MP Selfie Snapper Dual SIM

Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo Goes Official | Leaked Specs

Lenovo is one among the prominent Chinese mobile maker with certain best in Class Smartphones in the market. Hope you all knew, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is around the corner and most of the mobile makers are preparing themselves for the mega global event, just to showcase their best piece. In such a manner, Lenovo teased their Vibe P1 device back in August 2015, where this device has went for some hands on photo sessions as well. Though, several months passed by, Lenovo doesn’t made any official words about the upgraded model, however, today it has been a day for the same. Yes, Lenovo opened about the already teased Lenovo Vibe P1 mobile in the name of “ Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo ” indeed.  Let us see the new moniker mobile’s specs with the following lines. Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo Goes Official | Leaked Specs Highlights of Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo Smartphone: 5.5 inch Full HD Display Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU 3GB RAM with 32GB Internal storage 5000mAh battery 13MP Rear and 5MP Selfie Snap

New 4G Smartphone from Lava | Lava A71 @ Rs.5849

When we see the list of Indian Smartphone maker with absolute promising features, there are only few to name. We will definitely count Lava as one among the promising Indian mobile maker for sure. Lava has produced some of the world class mobiles including their 3GB RAM mobiles. Interestingly, today, Lava announced their Lava A71 Smartphone with the 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor and 1GB RAM. This is one among the few Smartphones under Rs.6000 to support 4G network. Though some of the close reports to Lava claimed that, it has launched the mobile at the price of Rs. 6499/-, the IndiaTimes shopping networks lists the Lava A71 at just Rs. 5849 indeed. Before going in depth to the Lava A71 Smartphone, let us have an overview with its key features. New 4G Smartphone from Lava | Lava A71 @ Rs.5849 Key Features of Lava A71 4G Mobile: Price Rs.5849 1.5GHz MediaTek Processor 5inch HD Display 1GB RAM & 32GB Expandable Storage Android Lollipop OS 2500mAh battery 5MP Rear & 2MP Selfie Camera

Panasonic P66 Mega Smartphone Launched Rs.7990 with 2GB RAM

Panasonic is one among the prominent global consumer electronics maker, where their Smartphones are becoming the finest business in these days. Today, Panasonic has announced another quality mobile in the name of “ Panasonic P66 Mega ”, and it available for the cost of Rs.7990/-. This latest mobile is also capable of offering the 4G mobile network coverage. It is available in Electric Blue, Russet Brown and Rose Gold colors. It is one among the recently launched mobiles, where it is made to support the major Indian languages at its best. In this way, the Panasonic P66 Mega mobile is capable of covering 21 major languages indeed. Panasonic P66 Mega Smartphone Launched Rs.7990 with 2GB RAM Highlights of Panasonic P66 Mega Smartphone: Powered by Android Lollipop OS 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor 16GB Internal & 32GB Expandable Memory 8MP Rear and 5MP Selfie Snapper 2GB RAM 3200mAh battery While announcing this mobile in the market, the Business Head of Panasonic India’s Pankaj Rana stated

Lava X3 Smartphone Launched @ Rs.6499/- with 2GB RAM

Lava is one among the promising Indian Smartphone maker, where you can find a plenty of affordable rates mobiles in the market. Lava is also familiar for making the cheaper rate mobiles, where you can find bunch of high end features for sure. Likewise, today, Lava launched another entry level priced mobile in the market, none other than Lava X3 at the cost of Rs.6499/-. Interestingly, at this price segment Lava managed to offer 2GB RAM followed by 1.3GHz quad core processor for sure. Let us see some of the best in class features enabled with this mobile in the following lines. Lava X3 Smartphone Launched @ Rs.6499/- with 2GB RAM Highlights of Lava X3 Smartphone: Price: 6499/- Dual SIM with 3G 8MP Rear & 5MP Selfie Camera 5inch IPS HD Resolution display 2GB RAM & 8GB Internal Storage 2500Ah battery Runs on Android Lollipop OS The specs table will certainly justify that, despite of being priced at the entry segment, this mobile is really featured with the some of the quality amen

Helio X20 Enters to Cortex A53 CPU @ Certain Temperature

Processors are certainly the heart of any electronic systems, irrespective of its category or the cost. There are plenty of supreme to premium processors are available in the market and only few of them offers flawless service to the applied area at its best. When it comes to the mobile industry, there isn’t any better competence other than between the MediaTek and Qualcomm. Both these makers certainly offers their best, where performance will be better with Qualcomm, whereas the MediaTek wins in the pricing sector. Helio X20 Enters to Cortex A53 CPU @ Certain Temperature Right after the MediaTek entered into the market, the price of the Smartphones are certainly fall down at a remarkable line. However, this never made any market down to the Qualcomm for sure. It is just because, there are ample of Smartphone makers raised in the market. There has been a viral rumor about the MediaTek Helio X20 processor with respect to the heating section. This processor is also made a viral introduct

QHD Display Powered Top 5 Cheapest Smartphone

Most of us certainly love to enjoy the luxury features within the budget. In such a way, we are here to discuss about the list of Smartphones with the QHD Display at the affordable rates in the industry. Make the most of the following affordable and cheapest QHD display mobiles for sure. LG G3 Smartphone: QHD Display Powered Top 5 Cheapest Smartphone This is the topper with the list of Cheapest QHD display enabled device in the market. Yes, the cost of this device is featured about Rs.24990/- in India. Though this mobile is a year old flagship device from the maker, it’s still has the power of holding even now. The mobile has 5.5 inch QHD resolution display, whilst the processor is enabled with the 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU. The internal memory of this device is 32GB, whilst the expandable storage offers 128GB (that’s flagship). The camera section has 13MP rear camera, while the front camera is enabled with 2.1 MP. Yu Yutopia: While coming to the cost of this device, it is very similar

HTC Launched 626G+ Smartphone in India at $220

The High Tech Computer (HTC) Electronics maker certainly launched its HTC Desire 526G+ mobile’s successor in India, none other than HTC Desire 626G+ with compact features of the current generation mobiles. According to the official news, this mobile will have a price tag of about $220 in India. The CEO mentioned that, the latest HTC Desire 626G+ mobile will be available in the market in soon and will cost about Rs.14990/-. According to the specs table of the mobile, it will have a Blue Lagoon and White Birch color options indeed. Let us see the crystal features of the HTC Desire 626G+ Smartphone in the following article. HTC Launched 626G+ Smartphone in India at $220 Key Features of HTC Desire 626G+ Smartphone: 5inch HD Display 13MP Rear and 5MP Selfie Camera MediaTek MT6752 SoC 2GB RAM 16GB Internal Storage 2000mAh battery Interestingly, this is also the upgraded version of the last year launched (outside India) device HTC Desire 626 indeed. This device has the premium features of du

Sony Xperia Z5 & Z5 Compact Released in US

Sony is one among the prominent manufacturers of mobiles and other related electronic equipment’s in the world. There are several amazing products unveiled by this maker and Xperia is their brand for the mobiles. Today, Sony released their Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact devices in US and the same will be available for purchase right from 7 th February 2016 indeed. Interestingly, this is the flagship device from the Sony to sell in US and BestBuy and B&H are the first sellers for this mobile. Let us see the crystal details available with the Sony Xperia Z5 and Compact Z5 devices indeed. Sony Xperia Z5 & Z5 Compact Released in US Highlights of Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone: 5.2 inch Full HD Display 2/3GB RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC IP68 Water & Dust Resistance While coming to the cost perspective of the Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone, it will be available for sale at the rate of $599.99 for the unlocked version, whilst the compact version of Xperia Z5 is up for sale a

Microsoft Lumia 850 Specs & Render Images Leaked Online

Microsoft’s Lumia devices are really getting some of the grip moments in the Smartphone market. The leaks towards the upcoming mobiles from the respective maker has been going viral on the internet. Yesterday, we have been pleased with hands on Photos of Microsoft Lumia 850 mobile, whilst today, there was another sample of photos leaked online with exact matching of the respective renders. Mostly, this kind of events are natural in the mobile world, however, the authenticity is really important, which is quite impressive with this Microsoft Lumia 850 case. Interestingly, today, we are offering you some of the genuine render images of the Lumia 850 along with some of the fans made render images indeed. Microsoft Lumia 850 Specs & Render Images Leaked Online Latest Render Images of Microsoft Lumia 850: The following render image is the latest source of Microsoft Lumia 850, which also clearly indicates that, the upcoming mobile will be released sooner in 2016. Most of the Lumia series

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 & 4S Complete Specs Leaked Online

Alcatel is one among the few Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies in the world, along with global market indeed. Today, Alcatel’s upcoming mobiles such as Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 and Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S specs has been leaked in online. Interestingly, these device aren’t announced officially by the maker for sure. However, these two devices has been spotted with one of the Company’s own support website. Only through this area, we are getting the leaked information about the specs of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 and Idol 4S devices. Let us see some of the best in class features enabled with the latest Alcatel devices at its best. Highlights of Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S: 1.8GHz Octa Core Processor 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED Display 3GB RAM & 32GB expandable storage 3000mAh Battery 16MP Primary & 8MP Selfie Camera Runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS Highlights of Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4: 1.7GHz Octa Core Processor 5.2inch IPS FHD Display 2GB/3GB RAM & 16GB Internal space 13

HTC Desire 530 Smartphone Launching Date Feb 23, 2016

As the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event is getting closer, most of the mobile makers around the world has been started their teasers for the upcoming mega event. In such a way, the HTC mobile maker certainly unveiled its latest teaser for the upcoming Desire series mobile. Yes, the latest HTC Desire 530 Mobile is up for sale and it is currently available for pre-order with one of the Dutch Retailer online portal. Interestingly, this is the first time we are hearing about the respective mobile, nor we received any rumor info earlier. Another crucial factor is that, there wasn’t any information about the specs with the retailer. HTC Desire 530 Price & Features: HTC Desire 530 Smartphone Launching Date Feb 23, 2016 Although the Dutch online retailer doesn’t leaked any specs for the HTC Desire 530 Smartphone, it has given some other crucial factors about the same. Yes, according to that online retailer, this mobile could cost anything above €190, which positioning the device at the mi