Helio X20 Enters to Cortex A53 CPU @ Certain Temperature

Processors are certainly the heart of any electronic systems, irrespective of its category or the cost. There are plenty of supreme to premium processors are available in the market and only few of them offers flawless service to the applied area at its best. When it comes to the mobile industry, there isn’t any better competence other than between the MediaTek and Qualcomm. Both these makers certainly offers their best, where performance will be better with Qualcomm, whereas the MediaTek wins in the pricing sector.
Helio X20 Enters to Cortex A53 CPU @ Certain Temperature
Helio X20 Enters to Cortex A53 CPU @ Certain Temperature
Right after the MediaTek entered into the market, the price of the Smartphones are certainly fall down at a remarkable line. However, this never made any market down to the Qualcomm for sure. It is just because, there are ample of Smartphone makers raised in the market. There has been a viral rumor about the MediaTek Helio X20 processor with respect to the heating section. This processor is also made a viral introduction in the CPU arena as it has the 10 Core CPU inside.

Hope you know, once Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 has been reported for the same issue, this time, the MediaTek Helio X20 receiving it. Some of the common sources claimed that, the Smartphones from Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo are put off the SoC’s thermal power uncertainty with the overheating issues.

Overheating Issue with MediaTek Helio X20: Response from Maker

Interestingly, as this “Overheating issues with MediaTek Helio X20” goes viral in the internet, MediaTek immediately responded to this viral news. Yes, MediaTek stated through their Wiebo that, “Helio X20 is in Mass Production, no heating issues observed and its business as usual with its partners”. Though it was expected from the maker, the curiosity of the users is that, “how the chip actually handles the high temperature”.

Apparently, this Helio X20 is made with the 10 Cores, where the 8 cores were subjected to the Cortex A72 (dual quad cores), which has a temperature threshold. However, after reaching the threshold with the heat, they are automatically shut down and performs with the Octa Core Cortex A53 CPU indeed. Hope you know, MediaTek is using True Octa Core designs with its previous version processor, which means, all the 8 cores of the CPU acts at the same time, which is just opposite to the big.LITTLE architecture, where it could have perform tasks based on the requirements on its two different cores.

10 Cores Works on Limited Time:

The above mentioned brief gives an overview that, the 10 Core CPU certainly functions for a limited amount of time, whilst the same turns to perform as a regular Octa Core CPU like the Helio X10 indeed. One of the major thing we have to notice with this matter is that, “How that translates into repeated benchmarks runs and more importantly continuous in the real world use”. Let us wait and watch game for real time experience or results. 

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