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Pepsi Launches New Smartphone P1 with Fingerprint Sensor

Pepsi the name is great enough for knowing its product; mostly everyone will understand it as the beverage product indeed. There is nothing wrong in thinking so, as it is possessed with ample of variety liquid products for the perfect tasty throughout the world. Interestingly, today, Pepsi turned to make another strong impact in the world by stating that, it comes with Smartphone. Yes, Pepsi officially declared that, it is going to make the brand new Pepsi P1 Smartphone, which is expected to feature with best in class features at the midrange pricing. Let us have the details about the latest Pepsi P1 mobiles in this article.

Pepsi P1 Smartphone 2015:
Pepsi Launches New Smartphone P1 with Fingerprint Sensor
Pepsi Launches New Smartphone P1 with Fingerprint Sensor
According to the official statement offered by Pepsi, it is equipped to come with brand new Smartphones P1 covering the affordable mobile market. Hope you know, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Pepsi P1 are from the same brand, perhaps distinctive product for sure. There were several rumors passed over the soda maker in previous month about its decision of making new mobiles. To give the perfect full stop and get into the mobile market, the soda maker launched its complete specs about the Pepsi P1 mobile.

Surprising Mid Ranger - Pepsi P1:

There will definitely a great surprise for any person in the world, who shows interest towards buying new mobiles by making pre-order. The surprise directly comes with the official declares of Pepsi P1 by the Pepsi Co. One of the major features enabled with the Pepsi P1 mobile is that, it carries the world’s famous Pepsi’s Logo on its back.

The Pepsi P1 mobile is manufactured by Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment and it also owns the rights for the same. Let us have the details on the specs of Pepsi P1 here,

The mobile comes with the 5.5 inch IPS Full HD display with the 2.5D glass touch screen.

Accordingly, the mobile is placed with the Octa Core CPU enabled MT6592 Chipset for the effective multitasking and faster performance of the mobile indeed.

In the next session, the software section of the mobile enabled with Android Lollipop operating system based DiDo OS.

In the camera segment, the Pepsi P1 mobile is equipped with the 13MP camera at the rear end, whilst the front end is powered by 5MP Selfie camera indeed.

One among the major features enabled with the Pepsi P1 mobile is its Fingerprint sensor for sure. This feature is quite common in these days for attracting the customer’s right way with the technology.

In the power segment it comes with the 3000mAh battery, which ensures you enjoy the joy of Pepsi product at its best.

Interestingly, Pepsi P1 mobile covers the latest FDD LTE 4G connections with its dual SIM slot. However, you can either use the second SIM slot as SIM card or MicroSD at once.

Pepsi P1 Price & Availability:

The price for this Pepsi P1 mobile is currently made available at just $110, which is simply the entry level price and currently available only in China. Let’s welcome Pepsi P1 to India sooner.

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