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Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to 3GB RAM – Online Leaks

Apple launched its several new devices on the recently made September show including iPhone 6s and several other related devices indeed. The two mobiles including iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices are really doing some of the best in class performance in terms of sales compared to its ancestor mobiles. Apple deliberately stated that, it has got reasonable number of improved sales than its previous releases (why not, the mobiles price keeps on raising in each its iteration). Though these mobiles pros and cons are yet to get keen, we are already posed with some other valuable rumors to its upcoming devices.

Apple iPhone 7 Comes with 3GB RAM:
Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to 3GB RAM – Online Leaks
Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to 3GB RAM – Online Leaks
Hope you know, until 6th generation Apple iPhone devices, you couldn’t find any devices with even 2GB RAM indeed. This had been their greatest drawback among the users, as most of the recent day mid-range Android devices is equipped with 2GB RAM at its best.

TrendForce: Leaks Specs of iPhone 7:

The TrendForce is a research company which is made their leaks on the unofficial specs of Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone. According to their research, there will be two stuffs certainly changed to the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 device, i.e. their RAM and Waterproofing technology.

As Apple started to show case their device like Android (in terms of high spaced RAM), there will be at least 3GB RAM in the iPhone 7 says the report of TrendForce. These stuffs could be the new defining features of the next generation iPhone devices. Though it seems to be improved in the RAM, it is impossible if Apple doesn’t plans to expand their internal/external storage memory for sure.

Waterproof is another important factor which Apple Smartphones are lacking in many terms compared to its competitors. As most of the Sony’s flagship devices since 2014 started to show case their mobiles with the Waterproof technology (even the dust proof as well), Apple isn’t made any of their mobile with that technology. Hence, TrendForce predicted that, the new mobile from the Apple camp should definitely possess with the Waterproof technology for the betterment of their competition in the Smartphone world.

iPhone 7 comes September 2016:

According to TrendForce analysis, the new mobile from the Apple, i.e. the next generation iPhone 7 will be released by September 2016. There is no doubt that, most of the Apple devices are releasing on the above stated month, and there could something special for the device without fail.

260 Million iPhone 7 Sales: Prediction

According to another prediction made by TrendForce technology is that, there could be at least 260 million iPhone 7 devices could go for sales in the upcoming year. This is comparatively 12.5% higher than its previous sales. Interestingly, the report analysis suggests that, Samsung could go for 310 million mobile sales in the same period. 


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