Sony Likes To Acquire CMOS Sensor Business from Toshiba

Sony is one among the giant consumer electronics maker in the world, nevertheless its marketing shares. Sony has all sorts of electronics devices, which are highly concentrated on the TV, Mobile & Camera segments. Sony is widely famous for all the above mentioned categories. Interestingly, the camera section of the Sony is likely to get improvised with the new system of CMOS sensors. Hope you know about Toshiba, another consumer electronics maker, who is widely familiar for its laptop & notebook series across the world. The Toshiba LED TV is really fantastic and hence, Sony is likely to get contract with this company to give even better camera effects for its customers.

Sony & Toshiba Signs Non-Binding Memo:
Sony Likes To Acquire CMOS Sensor Business from Toshiba
Sony Likes To Acquire CMOS Sensor Business from Toshiba
The following statement is dual signed by the two consumer electronics giants, i.e. Sony & Toshiba as, “They have entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding that confirms their intent to negotiate the transfer to Sony of certain Toshiba owned semiconductor fabrication facilities, equipment and related assets in Oita Prefecture, and also other related equipment and assets”. Most of the patents will be shared between these two manufacturers and hence you can expect more miracles with the camera segment.

The fabrication facilities at the Oita Operations were likely transferred to Sony, which is a Toshiba’s 300m water production line location. By doing so, Sony will occupy this space and would name the production facility as Sony Semiconductor Corporation. Interestingly, this area of fully owned subsidiary of Sony, & will start its CMOS Image sensor manufacturing as a primary objective.

There are certainly early talks happened between these two companies, where the negotiations were talked highly. With respect to that, now the 300mm wafer production line from Toshiba is now transferred to the Sony Semiconductor Corporation indeed.

One of the major disputes arises when a company transfer to another is its employees. Sony is also making certain arrangements for offering the employment of the employees with the Toshiba plant and its affiliates. There are approximately 1100 employees associated with the CMOS Image Sensor Engineering & Design area, and hence these new employment will be made upon the transfer completion to the Sony Semiconductor Corporation. There is no doubt that, the transfer will enable the Sony to raise its production capabilities with the imaging equipments especially which are in demand for the CMOS Image sensors indeed.

According to the official reports, the complete transfer of Toshiba plant to Sony will be happened within March 2016, which is also depends upon the respective regulatory approvals indeed.

Let’s welcome a new & high quality images through Sony CMOS Sensors in the future.

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