Huawei Kirin 950 Hits Market on 5th November 2015

Initially, the spare parts of the Smartphones are being manufactured by several other companies and few companies started to assemble them to make the complete user friendly stuff. Later on as the technology & demand grows constantly highly, few Smartphone makers themselves started to make their needed products for their betterment. Some of the best examples of such improvements are, Microsoft acquired Nokia to have strong hardware equipments for their incredible software. Samsung started to produce its own processors (Exynos) to avoid high dependability on the Qualcomm or MediaTek indeed. Sony started to acquire Toshiba plant to have CMOS Image sensors for their products.

Huawei Moves Higher with Kirin Processors:
Huawei Kirin 950 Hits Market on 5th November 2015
Huawei Kirin 950 Hits Market on 5th November 2015
Huawei is one among the world class Smartphone maker and doing certain incredible moves with the mobile world. Huawei is also started its process of making processors of its own and named as “Kirin”. Most of the flagship devices from Huawei were equipped with the respective Kirin processors alone. This Chinese company is now into the process of developing new chipset and expected to unveil on the upcoming special event of itself. It is officially denoted that, the Chinese company sending its invites to the media to get the picture of the upcoming Kirin processor.

No Official Model Confirmed:

There have been several months of rumors occurred about the upcoming processor from Huawei, nevertheless there is no official announcement made even today from the maker. Without any doubt, if the event is organized for the processor segment, there will be the Kirin 950 CPU. This is evident as the maker released its benchmark test report back in August 2015.

As far as the official announcement is concerned, Huawei seems to be completed its production for the Kirin 950. Some of the close source to the maker indentifies that, this CPU will be featured with Cortex A72 CPU and comes with the advanced Cat.10 LTE support for the high speed internet connectivity through 4G LTE. This processor is made with the TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process indeed.

Kirin 950 – 2015 Flagship Processor:

This is an Octa Core CPU and hence you will get the maximum power to rejoice your Smartphone experience at its best. The CPU is also made from the latest outs from ARM Cortex A72, which will be operates at the rate of 2.4GHz. This will confirm you about the processor speed. Effectively, the Mali T880 GPU is also coupled with the processor and gives finest support for the graphical requirements. You can add up to 4GB DDR4 RAM. According to the benchmark reports, the Kirin 950 CPU scored higher than Samsung Exynos 7420. This is a clear evident that, the Huawei Kirin 950 is a Flagship CPU of 2015.

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