Samsung S Health App for Android Mobiles – No More Exclusive

Not only the Smartphones, even some of the apps are also getting the tag of exclusive among them, where you can work only with the respective manufacturer or sometimes you can work only if you get the same by default. There is no doubt that the Samsung S Health App is among that category, which definitely works only with the Samsung high end devices, by default. But today, Samsung has officially turned the same to get accessed by billions on the other non Samsung users through launching the “Samsung S Health App for Android mobiles” for free. It is really a deliberate move from the Korean Tech giant to attract even more customers than they have today!
Samsung S Health App for Android Mobiles – No More Exclusive
Samsung S Health App for Android Mobiles – No More Exclusive
Endless Stream of Fitness Tracking Wearable’s:

As most of the current generation wearable devices come with the effective mode of tracking your fitness at its best, you might definitely forget that your Smartphone should have these stuffs. Certainly, though you might install some incredible apps on your Smartphone, but without the respective sensors, you are provided with nothing for sure. Just in order to make these criteria to get the rid off, Samsung come up with another innovative app termed as “Samsung S Health”, which tracks your complete health fitness record at its best in the industry.

However, this particular Samsung S Health App is made available only for the respective Galaxy devices earlier and now the criteria as been changed to get access to the all Android devices technically.

Samsung S Health App Tracks STRESS:

The new app made available with the health management segment by Samsung i.e. the Samsung S Health App is definitely one among the top fitness guru indeed. In fact, apart from the normal health tracking measures, this S Health app goes one step higher to provide stress factor of your healthin real time manner! Accordingly, the S Health app doesn’t provide you any solutions for the stress caused by your annoying colleagues or any other personal dramas as well.

According to the other important factors, the new Samsung S Health App certainly tracks all major parts of your daily life, such as monitor your steps, and provide tips to your goals (if any), about your bed time and number of hours you need to sleep for the day and more!!

With the Likes of Apple’s Health App:

There is few likes of the Apple’s Health App features with our Samsung S Health App, which allows you to get partnered with some other third party apps, which makes your dashboard even with full stylish and exact results for all your better health needs!

Interestingly, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Wearable also supports the pairing with any other non Samsung Galaxy devices for the user betterment. Great move again by the Korean Tech Giant!!!

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