LG G5 Smartphone Comes Out with Snapdragon S20 CPU

Hope you have read some interesting reviews about the recently launched flagship mobile from LG, i.e. LG G4. Most of the appraisals stated that, it has better camera features than many other flagship devices in the industry. Actually, it’s been 5 months where we heard about the LG G4 devices and now we are approaching the successor device none other than “LG G5”. According to the unofficial claim towards this new successor mobile, there are two important inside information has been revealed. The important feature of the LG G5 device as of now is, its Camera & the processor certainly.
LG G5 Smartphone Comes Out with Snapdragon S20 CPU
LG G5 Smartphone 
20MP Camera to LG G5:

The unofficial leaks about the LG G5 mobile claims that, the new device will have Sony made 20MP camera at the rear end. The sensor is available with ½ inch diagonal and hence you could really experience the better perception at the rear end. There is no information about the Selfie snapper, and you can definitely expect any of the better features as its ancestor without fail.

The ½ inch diagonal camera features are already made available with the LG G4, also with the flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and even the Note 5 devices. Of course, this phenomenon is already made by Nokia in its Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone technically.

According to the data we have, the new sensor could available only to the LG maker and nevertheless any other mobile makers could experience the stuff (might be get certain changes in the future).

New Processor Segment with LG G5:
LG G5 Smartphone Comes Out with Snapdragon S20 CPU
LG G5 Smartphone Comes Out with Snapdragon S20 CPU
As you know, the processor is certainly one among the most chief feature of any Smartphone and hence LG has been doing a bit impressive move towards the same. Though the ARM & Qualcomm are fighting for their respective standard in the industry (flagship), nevertheless the Samsung made Exynos 7420 chipset gives the finest powerhouse indeed.

According to the new leaks at the benchmark reports, the LG is also implementing certain indigenous move in the processor making segment, where it is aimed to provide 3 times better performance than the CPU built with the Samsung Galaxy S6 device.

LG G5 will have Snapdragon 820 CPU:

Some of the recently released leaks about the LG G5 suggest that, it will be the next flagship device from the maker and hence it will be featured with the better processor. Also, the reports states that, the LG G5 could be powered by the most updated version processor from Qualcomm, none other than Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC. Though few citations denotes, LG is its own development towards the high end chipset, the next generation device won’t be featured with them!

Though we don’t know most of the above stated information is trustworthy, but one thing is pretty sure, we can’t expect the LG G5 device in another 6 months from now!! May be we could get some official words at the next mobile world congress event 2016!!!

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