Top 5 Reasons to Argue LG G4 the Best Mobile

In the earlier days of the Smartphone era, there would be only a few Flagship devices, which don’t make us getting any confusion with voting the best. But, in these days, the flagship devices are coming twice a month and that makes us to get certain confusion over the voting the best. We have come up with the top 5 reasons to stay up with LG G4 mobile as the best among the few flagship devices up to date.

Incredible Camera:
Top 5 Reasons to Argue LG G4 the Best Mobile
Top 5 Reasons to Argue LG G4 the Best Mobile
Camera is one among the major improvements made accessible with the LG G4 Smartphone considering the other makers of the same price. Even though there is no 41MP or the 21MP at the rear, but the 16MP camera provides better resolution with the stabilization even at the low light conditions. The front camera is made available with 8MP quality, which is really quick & responsive at the usage. The double press of the volume down button helps you to wake up the camera, irrespective of your current working app.

The videos from the rear camera can take 4K videos and handle it quite well. Color exposure and sound recording are pretty good in full HD (1080p) videos. There's also a slow-motion video mode for shooting videos up to 1/8th the original speed in 720p.

Great Battery Life with LG G4:

Hope you know, the battery of the Android Smartphones are a real concern as it drops drastically at the background apps. But, the LG G4 has been built with 3000mAh long lasting battery and it is definitely higher considering many of the flagship devices in the market. The devices works fine even you take videos or watch the playback and don’t require you to travel with your charger for any picnic.

Brilliant Selfie Camera:

Interestingly, this is one among the best Front facing camera enabled device in the flagship categories. Selfies are really become naturally best without any edit works with this system. The wide screen with the device offers you a double flash within a second and offers you enjoy the distinctive mode of Selfie shots at its best. The Selfie camera works better even at the low light conditions.

Expandable Storage via MicroSD:

What? Is the expandable storage is a factor to consider the best mobile? Yes, the memory of the mobile and its expandable storage are really excellent with this LG G4. This is the first in class flagship mobile to support the 200GB expandable storage really vast isn’t. Also, the mobile internally supported with 32GB capacity.

Faster Charging Capabilities:

Apart from the battery capacity and its lifetime, the time consuming to charge the battery completely is also a factor. The LG G4 enabled with the quick charge 2.0 features, which allows you to charge your device as faster as possible. Within 30 minutes, the device achieves 0-50% of charge and ensure you have longevity at the usages.

All these features suggest that, the LG G4 could definitely be the best in class mobile in the flagship category. Please share your comments…

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