Samsung Gear S2 & S2 Classic Specs Leaked Online

Samsung officially teasing its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S2 Gear devices over a few weeks. Samsung states that, the tech giant is very proud of the first round screen enabled wearable device in the market. One of the Samsung executives already displayed the piece how it looks at his wrist. Some of the hypes are rising over the September 3 event. Yes, Samsung could definitely be one among the top participator at the upcoming IFA 2015, Berlin. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy O Series Smartphones (both Galaxy O5 & O7) are also expected to debut at the event.

Samsung Gear S2 & S2 Classic Specs Leaked Online
Samsung Gear S2 & S2 Classic Specs Leaked Online
Samsung Galaxy S2 Gear Passes FCC:

Interestingly, as the date to the event is getting closer, Samsung has confirmed that, it has passed two of their devices in the FCC. This gives another level of hope to expect something bigger at the IFA 2015 from the Korean tech giant. The two Smart watches from the maker are termed as “Samsung Galaxy Gear S2” and “Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic”.

Both these Smartwatches are said to have certain distinctions in both the features and performance, along with the pricing aspects too.

Leaked Features of Samsung Galaxy Gear S2:

Though there are not much leaks were allotted with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 during the FCC passing, perhaps we have few crucial information about them. This device is said to be built with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is also claimed that, both these devices are missing out the sport mobile data connectivity, hope there could be a strong/silly reason behind it. Some tech experts eyes that, this could be reserved for the third iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Gear series devices. We have to wait and watch for the stuff to unveil (don’t worry just a few days ahead).

Hardware Features of Samsung Galaxy Gear S2:

As we stated earlier, Samsung could launch two devices at the IFA 2015 with its Gear Smartwatches, there is no greater news available with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic type, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 has been found some ground breaking features from the tech giant. Let us see the crystal information associated with the device in the following lines.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 screen comes with the resolution of 360*360 in a round shape, and it is the first in class of Smartwatch arena. The chipset of the device is powered by the Exynos 3472 (Samsung made) and well coupled to the 768MB RAM for the incredible operation of the same. There is no information about the operating system (definitely expect something in Android). The Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 also powered with 4GB internal storage along with NFC capabilities. There are several sensors attached with the device and it includes the heart rate monitor.

Stay tuned for more real time updates about the upcoming IFA 2015!

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