LG Nexus 5 Smartphone Could Released by September 29, 2015

The month of September is certainly considered as the launching of several new mobiles in the market. This is because, traditionally, Apple has been kept releasing most of their new product of the year in this month only. Apart from that, IFA 2015 event at Berlin is also scheduled to happen in a couple of days from now, where several new mobiles could take a debut in the market. Likewise, the LG is also expected have a new mobile in the market in the name of “LG Nexus 5”. There are several rounds of alleged leaks of such Smartphones photos were made available in online last week. This LG Nexus 5 mobile could be out for launch on September 29, 2015, which is cited by one among the South Korean Media source.
LG Nexus 5 Smartphone Could Released by September 29, 2015
LG Nexus 5 Smartphone Could Released by September 29, 2015
No Official Words from LG:

Interestingly, up to date, there are no official words from the South Korean tech giant about the launching of such devices in the market, especially on the above saved date. Even the Nexus mobile manufacturer Huawei isn’t has any words about the same. But, earlier this year, there were certain announcement made about the launching two Nexus devices in the market, one from LG & the rest with Huawei. The LG Nexus is anticipated with 5.2 inch screen, whilst the Huawei is expected to come with 5.7 inch.

Huawei & LG Nexus with Same Specs:

This is another rumor related to our topic that, both the Nexus devices from the Huawei & LG has been said to release with the same specifications except the size of the screen. This has been confirmed with the alleged leaks of the rendered 3D images of the Nexus 5 Smartphone. Both the devices are expected to be arrived with fingerprint sensor, fitted metal frame & other amusing specs.

OnLeaks about LG Nexus 5 Smartphone:

OnLeaks is nothing but the twitter account, which is the first one to announce about the upcoming LG mobiles in the market, i.e. LG Nexus 5. Apart from the fingerprint sensor, the mobile is also equipped with the USB Type C charger, which allows you to charge battery as sooner as possible, without any discomfort indeed.

The Rest Rumored Specs on LG Nexus 5:

There is no official or the unofficial benchmark scores were made accessible with the LG Nexus 5 and hence we can’t provide you the exact specs released with the system for sure. However, the mobile is expected to made with the 1080p full HD screen, whilst the Huawei made Nexus 5 could be available with the QHD resolution.

Nevertheless, both the manufacturers device are expected to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU for the premium performance & multitasking.

Only a couple of weeks to go for gaining official information on the same let us wait & watch!

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