Camera Fight Between Lenovo K3 Note & Asus ZenFone Laser

This is one among the fascinating stuff among the Smartphone makers to have the reasonable comparison over their features with their rival competitors categorically. Likewise, we have come up with the comparison between the two equally enabled devices none other than Lenovo K3 Note vs Asus ZenFone laser Smartphone. This comparison is certainly because, both the mobile has been offered with the same set of hardware i.e. the rear camera comes with the 13MP sensor, whilst the front door opens with 5MP quality camera. Let us have the finest comparison with the camera of these mobiles in depth.
Camera Fight Between Lenovo K3 Note & Asus ZenFone Laser
Camera Fight Between Lenovo K3 Note & Asus ZenFone Laser
Indoor Pictures:

Colors will be the most important distinction characters that makes the best portraits at the indoors. The Lenovo K3 Note comes out with the better colors, and the reality is that, the Asus ZenFone Laser was effectively brings the natural colors with the object at its best. The images from the K3 Note device is said to be sharper than its competitor. Even at the landscape mode, the Lenovo K3 Note wins the competition with sharpness.

Outdoor Images:

It is very easy for the camera to pick up the natural colors than the indoor lightings. In this too, the details with the images are quite comprehensive with Lenovo K3 Note compared to the Asus ZenFone Laser Smartphone. Even if you alter the camera perspective in terms of angle, the Lenovo wins by producing the sharper images at time. According to the hype created, the Asus Zenfone laser comes certain advantage over the Lenovo K3 Note and especially under the direct sunlight conditions.

In fact, under the outdoor lights, the Asus Zenfone Laser Smartphone is far ahead of the Lenovo K3 Note Selfie camera, without any doubt.

Outdoor Closeup Shots:

Camera Fight Between Lenovo K3 Note & Asus ZenFone Laser
Camera Fight Between Lenovo K3 Note & Asus ZenFone Laser
This research was made just by setting the same settings on both the competitor cameras (at the rear end). The resultant image is not conclusive to any side, because, finding the distinctions between the two wasn’t that easy for the naked eye.


Undoubtedly, the camera with the Lenovo K3 Note was certainly enabled with better camera features than the Asus ZenFone laser Smartphone in various perspectives. However, Lenovo K3 Note camera produces the sharp pictures with the saturated colors, perhaps the Asus Laser mobile comes with natural colors, which sometime gets pleases, but has negative sides in certain situations. However, there is also no doubt that, the Asus ZenFone laser was the better Selfie camera mobile in comparison to the Lenovo K3 Note device.

Let us hope the Smartphone manufacturer come up with the better software stuffs to address the above cited negatives if any. 

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