LG G Pro 3 Rumored Android Smartphone with S820 SoC

Hope you know, LG G Pro Smartphone was started ahead of LG G4 and put on hold for the flagship mobile. As of now, there is no official words about the mobile fate, perhaps the rumor mills started to claim the future project of LG will be the “LG G Pro”. There are several incredible leaks available with the rumor claiming that, it could also be built with the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC. Some of the official moves from the maker is also suggesting that, it is back to track with the LG G Pro 3 after the launch of LG G Pro 2.
LG G Pro 3 Rumored Android Smartphone with S820 SoC
LG G Pro 3 Rumored Android Smartphone with S820 SoC
Un-Official Leaked Specs of LG G Pro 3 Mobile:
  • 6 inches IPS HD Display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC CPU
  • 4GB RAM & 32GB Expandable Memory
  • 21MP Primary Camera & 8MP Selfie Snapper
  • Iris Recognition & Fingerprint Sensor
  • Definitely Android Lollipop OS

Software Combination of LG G Pro 3 Mobile:

There is nothing better than the Android OS in the mobile category as of today. Interestingly, it’s Android Lollipop OS along with the custom User Interface for the finest navigation of the Smartphone. This mobile is said to be released by the end of 2015 and hence there is strong hype over the easy Android M update to this Smartphone. That ends the software section of LG G Pro 3 mobile.

Hardware features of LG G Pro 3 Smartphone:

The major hype created with the latest leak with the LG G Pro 3 Smartphone is its processor. Yes, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC is the chipset made available with the chipset section. This CPU is enabled with the true Octa Core processing units along with the 64bit processors.

The display of the upcoming rumored LG G Pro 3 specs states that, it could have 6inches of IPS HD display with better pixel density as well. This gives you beautiful vision in various angles. Interestingly, the mobile is said to be go for sale at the price of $790 globally.

Later part of the Smartphones such as, camera is also rumored to be built brilliants with exceptional pixels at both ends. That is, the LG G Pro 3 could have been built with 21MP Snapper at the front followed by dual LED flash support for the night visibility. The 8MP Selfie camera is also built with exceptional quality pixels to capture the better pictures categorically.

The mobile is also expected to be built with 4GB RAM for the amazing multitasking user experience accordingly. There are no rumored details about the battery section. Interestingly, this mobile is said be built with Iris Recognition followed by Fingerprint sensor as well.

All these leaked specs clearly states that, there will definitely be another high end mobile from the LG sooner!

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