New Apple Mobiles will be launched by September 25

Though Apple doesn’t make their next iOS iteration officially, there are plenty of rumors claimed about the next launching of the iPhone. Interestingly, Apple is reported to release the “S” series mobile and the same is said to be released with plenty of sportive features with it. Yes, firstly, it is said to be possessed with 12MP high resolution camera followed by 2GB RAM indeed. Note, Apple doesn’t unveiled any of their Smartphones with 2GB RAM in the industry. There is an unclaimed rumor mill available in the internet, which states that, new Apple iPhone will be launching on 25th September 2015.
New Apple Mobiles will be launched by September 25
New Apple Mobiles will be launched by September 25

We all knew, September is the traditional month to Apple, which accordingly launches several Smartphones, and other Gadgets of their own. Fortunately, to add the value to the Rumor, the 25th September 2015 comes on Friday, where almost the entire iPhone mobiles series has been launched on Friday(s). Few UK retailers claim that, the upcoming iPhone mobiles will go for pre order by 18th September 2015. This rumor is still valid for only the UK locations, whilst the US version still lies on the bay. If something really comes true with this rumor, the US peoples can make the most of the UK retailers to buy their loved iPhones of the future, with some extra shipping charges.

Almost, 80% of the rumors claimed in this year (2015) comes true in real time manner, and hence, the probability of getting a new iPhone by this September grows up and high. Some of the details mentioned are from the report are accessed from the internal communication at Vodafone UK. Vodafone Uk is assumed to the official partner for the iPhones in UK and hence this rumor is assumed to be arrived from their bucket.

At this generous stage, even Vodafone UK doesn’t know anything about the plans of next iPhone, how it will be called, and hence, there is a state of “New iPhone” and nothing detailed information about it. If Apple called the next iPhone as the “New iPhone” it will really be interesting in the market categorically. Perhaps, there is also strong evidence that, Apple won’t follow this strategy in the market, because, the earlier use of the same for the iPad caused some bad results, hope Apple never forgets it.

As of now, nothing could be getting closer to the reliable information about the Apple’s next plan of releasing “New iPhones”. The rumor dates are 3 months away and we definitely have to wait a lot to get the interesting and trustworthy information about the Apples next move! Stay with us to find more…

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