Apple Don’t Sell 2 Year AT &T Contract Mobiles in Future

Contract is something new to the prepaid customers all over the world, and not a fascinating move even in the developed countries these days. This is technically termed as the locked version and unlocked version of the mobiles. Most of the US & UK retailers are offering their mobiles with some useful contracts to their users. Unfortunately, these contracts are long term moves. If you are interested in buying a Smartphone with locked version, you have to spend more than the actual cost of the mobile; perhaps you will enjoy the reasonable benefits accordingly, in terms of voice calls & internet charges.
Apple Don’t Sell 2 Year AT &T Contract Mobiles in Future
Apple Don’t Sell 2 Year AT &T Contract Mobiles in Future
In the modern business, almost most of the service providers make same kind of charges but with different deals. Some provides offers with voice calls, some prefer text messages and even some goes further by offering benefits with the data. Users of various classes will definitely get impressed accordingly and buy them. According to the recent survey, most of the US customer doesn’t complete their subscription dates and pays without using the same. This causes them to add additional expense towards their normal usages. Almost, 90% of the Apple iPhones are comes under the same category.

Apple New Plans of Switching Carriers:

AT&T is the leading service provider which sells Apple iPhone with certain contract. There could be a new plan in the era, where the contract will get modified according to the user’s needs at will. Apple announced their “AT&T Next Subscription” service, where you don’t get a two year contract indeed. Interestingly, you are offered with 12, 14 and 18months plans instead of 24. Also, you are offered to shift a new carrier at any level of your contract without any clarifications.

Might be Raise in the Unit Price:

As the AT&T virtually offers the contract free mobiles in the future, there is a strong chance of hike in the mobile price for sure. Some of these plans are already live in the Apple official website and you can make the most of it. The current version of the 16GB model iPhone 6s is said to sell at $21.64/month and the same price goes higher for the higher memory mobiles like, $24.97 and $28.30 for the 64GB and 128GB version. You can expect similar deals with reduced prices with the upcoming AT&T Next Subscription moves.

You can avail this feature in the future not only at the official store of Apple and its website, but also, you can enjoy at Brick & Mortar stores.

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