Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone Soon 2015

The Chinese Smartphone makers are really doing some of the brilliant job in the world mobile market. Right from their entry, most of the Smartphone rates reduced drastically. It’s really true that, the mobile rates have been reduced a lot whilst the number of mobiles has been grownup in skyline. Flashsale concept was launched by them in the market, which has been now the trendiest move for any Smartphone manufacturer, using which they are selling a decent number of mobiles at its best possible modes. One of the legendary Chinese maker in the industry is Xiaomi.
Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone Soon 2015
Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone Soon 2015
Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone:

Hope you know, Xiaomi as ample mobiles in the Android (custom MiUi) category and they are planning to improvise their global market by launching the Microsoft made operating system Windows too. This has been officially confirmed by the maker in the first week of March 2015. Yes, Microsoft approved Xiaomi to produce the Windows 10 based Smartphone and get familiar in the Chinese market.

No pure Windows 10 experience with the upcoming mobile. Yes, users can’t get the original version of MS Windows 10 operating system, whilst they could enjoy the same features by indorsing their custom MiUi, as you get with the Android Smartphones.

1st June 2015, MS brings Windows 10 to Xiaomi Mi 4:

This is really a viral news on online, where Microsoft could boasted the flagship operating system to the Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi by the coming 1st June, 2015. Though Microsoft and Xiaomi are closely working together to bring more Chinese users for their Windows 10 OS, the project which is underdevelopment will be sooner gets the real time move in wrapping up the final stuff.

Certainly, the custom Windows 10 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone will be officially launched by Microsoft by 1st June 2015.

First Running Android Smartphone to test Windows 10 ROM:

This Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone is the world’s first Smartphone to run the Windos 10 operating system, which was already running on the Android OS. Though, this definitely not boosts the sales or familiarity of the Windows 10 OS, the same is a nice move from the American company to have a strong market share in China in the future. Microsoft is also as the plan to launch the custom ROM of Windows 10 to the recently launched Android based ZTE Nubia Z9 Mobile in India. Hope, there are several newbie mobiles could also get custom ROM release by Microsoft.

Windows 10 Supports Desktop, Slates & Smartphones:

Creating opportunities in this regards certainly maker the more room in the market by the Microsoft. This could really get the excellent way of integrating Smartphones, Desktops followed by Slates (Note or Tablet in Windows version).


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