Nokia Lumia 940 Mobile with 5.2Inch Full HD Display

Nokia is back! Please don’t get shocked or stunned after reading it. We know, Nokia sold their industry rights to Microsoft. But, nevertheless their patents. We are not here to discuss about the same in depth. It looks likes Microsoft could launch another flagship Smartphone in the Smartphone world, through the Nokia tagged device. Every Smartphone will come to the Benchmark test before it goes to the consumer indeed. In the same manner, Microsoft Lumia 940 Smartphone as also launched in the GFX Benchmark, which was uncovered with the Nokia RM 1106 patent. This mobile news could really help the rumor (Nokia to launch their official Smartphones by first quarter of 2016) could get strong indeed.
Nokia Lumia 940 Mobile with 5.2Inch Full HD Display
Nokia Lumia 940 Mobile with 5.2Inch Full HD Display
Exceptional Features with Nokia RM 1106 Smartphone:
  • Runs on Latest Windows 10 Operating System
  • Possessed with QHD Display of 5.2 inches
  • 2.5D Glass screen
  • 17MP Primary Camera & 5MP Selfie Camera
  • Hexa Core Processor from Qualcomm Family
  • 2GB RAM & 32GB Internal Memory

Operating System:

The operating system of the Nokia Lumia 940 Smartphone probably the Microsoft could be launched with the latest version of Windows 10 indeed. As of now, there is no custom User Interface associated with any of the previous version Windows OS for Smartphones. Hence, here you could get any of them to get the finest distinctions.

Processor Features:

The processor cadre of the brand new Nokia Lumia 940 is expected to be boasted with high quality hardware in the sector. Though there is unclear information associated with the leak that, Nokia Lumia 940 could be available with either Snapdragon 808 Chipset or the Snapdragon 810 Chipset as well. As the GPU is powered by Adreno 430, the probability of the Smartphones processor is goes high to the Snapdragon 810, because, this is the only processor supported with Adreno 430 GPU.

RAM & Storage Features:

The RAM of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 940 Smartphone is listed with 1.5GB RAM Space, which suggests that, it could really be around 2GB RAM. This helps you to make the most of the Smartphone in terms of multitasking features for sure. But, some of the rumors are also suggesting that, it will be boasted with 3G RAM indeed. However, the built in storage of the Smartphone is enabled with 32GB. In which, the 27GB is left for the user requirements, where as the rest memory eats by the operating system and system files.

Camera Features of Nokia Lumia 940:

There are several interesting rumors spreading around this section of Nokia Lumia 940 Smartphone. Yes, some says it is boasted with 20MP quality sensor at the rear end and few bench mark results suggests that, it is 17MP indeed. The Selfie camera remains constant with both the categories at just 5MP.

There is no more reliable information associated with the Nokia Lumia 940 Smartphone. 

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