Samsung Galaxy Tab A Released in Russia 2015

Samsung one of the leading Korean tech giant in the world has come up with the latest and a brand new tablet in the sector with the effective features. In a Small event in Russia, Samsung announced its brand new “Samsung Galaxy Tab A” device officially. At the event in Russia, Samsung not only announced this Tab A device, also they launched another variant at different display sizes categorically. The new generation screen is reads about the ratio of 4:3, which is apparently considered to be the future screen for the Samsung devices categorically. Let us have a healthy discussion about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A device in detail.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Released in Russia 2015

Low Screen Resolution and Pixels:
Although Samsung certainly made the Samsung Galaxy Tab A devices with brilliant features, the screen resolution and pixels were really unimpressive for sure. The 8inch screen with the 1024*720 HD display is featured with the 160ppi, whereas the 9.7inch Screened Samsung Galaxy Tab A fixed with 132ppi respectively.

While coming to the processor sector, there is nothing wrong with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Processor implementation with the same. Also, the 8 inch Screen Galaxy Tab A is enabled with the 1.5GB RAM and Galaxy Tab A with 9.7 inches fixed with 2GB RAM for the finest multitasking experience for sure.

Both the variants have been enabled with the 16GB internal memory for your storage stuffs, whereas the expandable storage also reads 128GB for both the devices. The Smaller screened Samsung Galaxy Tab A is possessed with 4200mAh battery capacity for 10 hours of uninterrupted operations with the device. The larger screened Samsung Galaxy Tab A is fixed with 6000mAh, which will certainly last for a longer hours than the earlier one.

The speaker of this newbie stuff provides you digital clarity music play back as well as stereo quality voice call clarity indeed. Both variants of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A devices has been featured with 5MP Rear and 2MP Selfie camera for the essential of the image and video shoots. This device looks like slightly thin as 7.8mm.

Cost of Samsung Galaxy Tab A:
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch screen Wi-Fi only version is priced at in the range RUB 16990 to RUB 18999, which is around $249 to $340. Whereas the 4G LTE version ranges around RUB20999 to RUB22900, which is around $372.

Although certain features are seems to be worthy, the overall features are not as impressive as their ancestors for sure. 

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