Apple Watch Lunch in India on June July 2015

The Apple Watch, one of the major wearable stuff maker around the world unveiled their innovative features enabled device in three distinctive variants just a week ago. It was released at the Spring Event in USA on 9th March 2015. Right after the release most of the Tech enthusiasts waiting to grab the Smartwatch all over the globe. To add the woo Apple announced their techie Smartwatch will be made available in Apple Stores in India by June - July of 2015. Yet the exact release date wasn't disclosed by the maker on the big event day.
Apple Watch Lunch in India on June July 2015

Apple Watch Preview in 9 Countries:

In meanwhile, Apple announced their Apple Watch will be made available for preview in 9 major countries including US & China. The list of countries to receive the Apple Watch preview is as follows, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada and US as well. You can certainly have a preview of this device on 10th April 2015.

Also, you can order the same from 24th of April and India is still nowhere in the list.
This effectively denotes that, the Technology experts in the country as to wait for bit longer than above said countries. Hope Apple knows the crazy Indian market, hence they could release the same in early June 2015 indeed.

Apple Watch Cost Over Rs.30000 for Basic Model:

Yes folks, the technology experts suggest that, even the basic model of the Apple Watch could cost above Rs.30000 and hence the delay. Actually, the brand lovers and techie experts in India won't mind that cost naturally. There is nothing wrong in paying high for the premium device in hand.

International Cost of Apple Watch 2015:

As the Apple Watch will be available for purchase right from 24th April, the cost of the device are listed below. Actually the Smartwatch has three variants such as, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edison indeed.

The cost of the latest Apple Watch available from $349 to $17000 for a exclusive premium gold editions. That is, in India the cost of the Apple Watch will be around Rs.30000 to Rs. 10 Lakes.

Requirements for Apple Smartwatch:
In order to work effectively with the Apple Watch, you must have been possessed with Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5c, Apple iPhone 6/6plus, which should be capable of running on the iOS version 8.2 or higher indeed.

This Apple Watch is capable of supporting over 18hours of life with one full charge. You can send and receive emails, make and attend calls, analyze your body fitness and even more.

We will give you more reliable features and details about Apple Watch once released in India. Stay buzzed around us!

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