Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Received Android L

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active geared towards another level of Smartphone experience through receiving latest Android Lollipop OS. This is really a good festive season for Samsung mobiles, especially because most of their anticipated and eligible Smartphones receiving the latest version Android operating system categorically. Almost 10 Samsung mobiles really enjoyed the Android L OS in the last ten days. Actually, thanks to the MWC 2015 which earned a reputation for the Smartphone makers to provide their best stuff to the world. In the same sense, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active joined the team of Android L supported devices just hours ago. Let us see some of the quality features coupled with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active device in detail.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Received Android L

This Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a vanilla trimmed version of Galaxy S5 device which was launched in May 2014. Hope you know the original Galaxy S5 itself received the update few weeks back and forth the Active S5 done so excellent. The first update is rolled out in Nordic of the European region. Don't worry, the Smartphones in the other regions would also receive the update in real time manner. You will get a notification blink on the notification panel about the Android L availability within the end of the day.

Update File Size of Android L OS:

The update of the Android L OS to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active device reads about 1.4GB capacity. Make sure you use 3G or the Wi-Fi during the update process to download the file without any interrupt or delay as well. You can also effectively depend on your carrier if they are providing the stuff in decent data rates.

Android L build G870FXXU1BOB4:

This is the latest Android L version 5.0 Lollipop operating system which is built under the G870FXXU1BOB4 tag. Hence, your mobile will download and result the same. Check regularly the notification panel (after your internet connection) to receive the same. If you are unable to see the notification or get the update of the latest Android L, please do the following stuffs in clear format.

Check manually by doing, Setting à About Phone à Software Update

This move will really bring the Android L availability notification to your Samsung Active S6 Smartphone 2015. Actually this notification is available only in UK as of now, and the users of other location will get the same in real time manner.

Today, “”Samsung announced their flagship Active S6 and S7 devices”” highly spreading rumors in the internet sector.

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