Easy File Transfer Android Apps 2015

The technology we live is certainly a cloud nine for sure. There are ample of amazing real time technologies implemented in our life, which helps us to have a better life than ever. In earlier days of the mobile communication, we use a wired (data cable) stuff for exchange of data from one to another. Later we grow up with the wireless technologies like Infrared and Bluetooth support. Today, you even don’t need the Bluetooth or any internet connectivity to share your stuff with any other mobiles. If you are utilizing a Bluetooth for sharing a large file, it may drastically reduce your battery life and Smartphone performance without fail.

Easy File Transfer Android Apps 2015

The Android app made the Transferring of files simpler than ever. The following android apps are very fast to transfer even large files within seconds interestingly.

The Superbeam is certainly one of the fastest file transfer apps available in Google Play store. There is no limitation in the process of sending files and its weight as well. It allows you to share large files between two distinctive Android devices at higher speed. The app is provided with a unique QR Code You have to pair the two devices by its scanning QR codes. Don’t worry if you are unable to scan the QR Code, as you can make the  most of the NFC support or even the manual key option too.

Fast file transfer:
Fast File Transfer, the name of the app itself gives you a new definition of file sharing utilities. The file transfer app is very intuitive and easy to employ. Irrespective of the device version your device can send files at faster speeds without any hang or delay. In simple words you can say it as an alternate to the Bluetooth file transfers. Many Windows users find this app as a gift for them.

Bluetooth File Transfer:
Are you interested in sending your files to a new Android device at most secured way? Then, make the most of the Bluetooth File Transfer android app. You have to pair a device each time you initiate the connection, though it is a time consuming, you will get your files secured. No unauthorized access can be done with your file for sure. This move enables you to secure your personal and private file transfers from hackers categorically.

The Xender is a great file sharing Android app available for Apple iPhones too There is no need of any network communications like 2G, 3G, or WiFi. It allows you to transfer your files at faster to another device. You can exceptionally send 1GB movie file in just 50 seconds. It supports any kind of file format.

Send File Transfer:
One of the easiest possible mode of sending your files from one device to another irrespective of the platform it be. No restrictions in file formats like photos, images and videos as well. It is compatible to entire  android devices. It uses NFC to pair devices. The file transfers are secure. You can work completely offline, no data usage costs are associated.

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