New Android Apps for January 2015

Hope you knew the Android (Google) Play store is only the area where you can find over 100 apps for each of your interested stuffs. Why, because, there are over 100000 Apps and Games are made available with it. You can really have interesting features with it. Mostly every day the Play store is rubbed with incredible apps and games without fail. Though the lowers of Apps and Games are being the same ratio, the interest towards the apps downloads as been raised over a few points than the Games, because of the highest utility than relaxing. We have come with the brand new trending Android apps released in January 2015.

New Android Apps for January 2015

TouchPal KeyBoard:
Most of the time we are utilizing the keyboard for the typing process with the Android Smartphone. How smooth your works moving with typing? You can tremendously have a remarkable format of social centric richer texting experience with this Android app without fail. One of the interesting features that you can enjoy with this Android app is that, you can have a swipe style texting process. The emojis and smiley’s are the useful stuffs made available with this android app.

The name of the Android app itself would suggest you the feature and functionalities available with it. This is one of the interesting alternate android apps available for the regular android keyboard. Once you get in touch with this Swipe Keyboard you will really have a remarkable format of knowing the easier and smoother feature available with it. There are also amazing suggestions and you can have a supreme typing speed in effective rates.

Yahoo Weather:
Right from the launch of the Android app, there is tremendous response with this download number. This app is designed with gorgeous designs that add beauty to your Smartphone elegantly. There are ample of features beyond your expectations with this weather app. Most of the weather forecast is live and modified according to the global weather report categorically. Location finder and weather forecast in plenty of global languages is an incredible stuff.

Any.Do is certainly a calendar app which is allows you to take care of your daily schedules in incredible format. Make the most of the features made available with this android app and share your stuffs in incredible manner on the go. You can also share your busy stuffs with your friends, co-workers to have a collaborative mode of task completions skills.

VSCO Camera App:
Editing the photographs is really an easiest stuff with this high-tech world without any extra skills than using the Android Smartphone. The Photo editing tools is a most important and powerful stuffs possessed with this Android App. You can compare the edited and previously captured stuff with this android app.

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