Lumia 435 735 and 930 Windows Mobiles Gets Win 10 OS

Everyone knows the cool features and attractive specs made available with the Microsoft acquired Nokia mobiles for sure. They are doing plenty of stuff to make the awesome sales of their Smartphones in the market by launching varieties of mobiles in various budgets. Owning Windows mobiles will really be incredible if you are a hater of an Android operating system. One of the best features of these Lumia mobiles is that, most of them are really cost effective comparing the other Android and non android operating system supported manufacturer without fail. Just to add a fine feather to the same, Microsoft announced their latest and trending feature with the Lumia Smartphones.

Lumia 435 735 and 930 Windows Mobiles Gets Win 10 OS

In an official blog post of Microsoft, they have announced crystal news about the launching of Windows 10 operating system for the Smartphones for sure. They have stated that, the availability of the Windows 10 will be made available to very basic model to the high end Smartphone of the Lumia family. Some of the luckiest Smartphone of Lumia family to receive the Windows 10 OS updates or upgrade process are, Lumia 435, Lumia 735, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 indeed. This effectively tells you the amazing format of information that, Microsoft is planning to release the update to various devices in real time manner.

Windows 10 OS on Lumia 435 Smartphone:

Hope everyone knows this Lumia 435 Smartphone is just unveiled a few days ago. This is one of the most affordable costs Windows Mobile with best class features that come with the tag of Microsoft for sure. By default, this brand new Smartphone is powered with the Windows 8.1 operating system. Just a few hours ago, Microsoft announced their availability of Windows 10 operating system on the Microsoft Lumia 435 Smartphone for sure. Getting a Windows 10 OS on a brand new Smartphone triggered the Windows lovers to go over this brand new Smartphone. Though there are no clear specifications and functionalities details are made available with the Windows 10 OS, the hype towards the operating system gets excellent.

Lumia 830 Smartphone Unofficially Gets Windows 10:

Interestingly, Microsoft certainly undisclosed their Windows 10 availability on any other Lumia mobiles mentioned above. But, some of the experts and techies suggest that, Lumia 830 will also be likely getting the Win 10 OS update. One remarkable note to be consider here is that, Microsoft left out their old Smartphones like Lumia 520, 620 and their series.

Limiting Factor to get the Windows 10 OS Update:

One of the most important features that are limiting the Smartphone to get the Windows 10 update is their RAM memory. Most probably the Smartphones with the 512MB will be unfortunate to get the Windows 10 operating system. This is also given a reliable clue that; Windows 10 might be available on entire Lumia devices which runs with the minimum of 1GB RAM. Let us wait and watch the same in real time manner. Stay tuned to us!

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