Top 10 Android App of the Year 2014

The Google Play Store for Android operating system have been unveiled certain incredible apps and games for the finest enthusiasm within themselves. As the year 2014 going to be ending in a few days, we have been coming up with top Android Apps of the Year 2014. Make the most of the following apps as per your requirements effectively.  Let us go, through the all new apps mobiles available here.

Top 10 Android App of the Year 2014

This BBC Weather Android App certainly appears to be one among the finest app that gives you triple meteorological experience within yourself. The varieties of usages in terms of forecasting, location aware and other forms of predicting the rain is really awesome.

This apps android mobile have really won the hearts of peoples of London, which helped them to get their late night train to avoid drunken ferry needs at certain cheaper rates in the industry. Make use of this Android App.

The needs of Smartphone certainly completes here. The Barclays Android app is extremely useful for the verification of your account and making simplest form of transaction in reliable format.

The Sky Now TV Android App allows its subscribers to get on demand videos live on the go with certain specialist services indeed. You can buy your desired channels based on a PAYG basis. This app allows you available for subscription of any occasional big event without buying any full subscription for sure.

The BT Wi-Fi is certainly an apps new launch mobile which keeps remembering your access password to various wireless networks you travel upon. This Android App simply allows you to access any of your previously saved networks without intervening much. This also lets you to get out of any spammed Wireless Networks in effective rates.

Vine a sensational app android phone available in the Google Play Store that helps you to shoot video on the go and share the same on your available social media. This Android App is also possessed with various video editing tools that give you the power of making some of the prominent videos.

I really don’t want to tell you much about this Dropbox Android app, as it comes with some of the finest features that you are in required in the storage specifications without fail. Just upload your important documents in the cloud and access the same as per your requirements.

WhatsApp is a prominent instant messaging service provider Android App that had made finest revolution to the traditional messages offered by mobile operator indeed. You can definitely send and receive messages in terms of text, video and images in finest resolution on the go.

Spotify – two in one combination android application that allows you to make the finest musical experience in terms of both Radio and your playback music support playlist indeed. An important feature with this Android App is that, it comes with no cost.

This Dashclock widget certainly added some of the beauty to your android system as well as your schedule maintenance works. This Android App will work only in the Android version 4.2 and higher. 

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