Samsung Z1 Tizen OS Smartphone 2015

Samsung is currently planning to unveil their brand new Smartphone in another upcoming operating system of the world. We all knew Samsung was certainly familiar for their Android based mobile making stuffs and now they are set to make a distinctive trend through introducing their brand new OS nothing but, “Tizen” indeed. Samsung is yet to unveil their first Tizen based branded Smartphone on the market in due course of time. Let us go, through the leaked specifications of latest Smartphone by Samsung categorically. This mobile will be first launched in India on coming January 18thof 2015.

Samsung Z1 Tizen OS Smartphone 2015

Key Specifications of Samsung Z1 Tizen Based Mobile:
  • Cost just $90
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM
  • 3MP Rear and 0.3MP Front Shooter
  • 4inch Capacitive Display
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 768MB RAM and 4GB Internal Memory

Operating System:
This is just a trial or first generation of device from Samsung which comes with the Tizen based operating system categorically. You will really enjoy the fresh form of operating system experience while operating traditional Android and Windows based OS indeed.

Camera Funtionalities:
The camera for this brand new Smartphone from Samsung in Tizen OS is powered with dual camera support. The rear camera comes with 3MP HD Quality video and image capturing support whereas the front camera is powered with 0.3MP for the selfie and video call needs.

The processor of the new Samsung Tizen based Z1 Smartphone is not disclosed their processor maker, but the speed of operation was disclosed effectively. The maximum operating speed of this new mobile is fixed with 1.2GHz with the power of dual core technology indeed.

Display Features:
The display of the new Samsung Tizen Z1 Smartphone range up to 4 inches. The screen resolution is about 800*480 pixels which offer you the finest mode of vivid imagery and screen readability conditions. Make the most of it as per your requirements.

RAM and Internal Storage:
The RAM of this latest Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Z1 is powered with 768MB RAM for the supreme multitasking needs at effective rates. The internal memory of the same comes with 4GB. There is also a separate slot available for the expanding of the internal memory.

Battery Performance:
This mobile is built with 1500 mAh capacity battery backup that gives you the power of enjoying the long lasting for awesome gaming needs.

The launching date of this Smartphone is expected to be around 18 Jan 2015 and this first launch will be in India, then China and Korea indeed.