Top Apps updates in the Google Play Store

Android apps are really interesting as well as give you finest possible mode of user experience in the entertainment mode. There are over several millions of such games and apps are made accessible with the Google play store categorically. This is really one of the key features behind the success of the Android operating system in the market. Another top advantage associated with the same is nothing but, almost 80% of the apps and games are available for free download access. Also, the paid versions too have some limited access feature based free versions for the benefits of the android users across the world.

Top Apps updates in the Google Play Store

As that point relies high one particular stuffs, another key feature associated with the same is that, you will get regular updates for any of the lacking features along with the reliable upgrades for the fantastic user experience with it. Google mainly concentrates on the well establishing android apps and encourages the developers by providing some financial benefits in various forms categorically. As of now we have come up with two important updates released in the Google play store for your effective operating system needs indeed. Let us go through the same in the upcoming lines.

Motorola Camera Updates:

Motorola one of the Giant manufacture of Smartphone and related processor over several decades indeed. Now it’s certainly owned by Google Inc. The updates offered by the Motorola Camera app is really impressive and gives you the phenomenal support towards the managing and experiencing beautiful images of your desired for sure. You can now utilize your Moto 360 to complete the professional picture of incredible Moto inception images. Another phenomenal updates offered here are, the app responds well to the Smartwatches. Yes, its works like remote shutter to your Motorola android mobile.

Once you install and update the Motorola android app for camera, you will be getting the tile notification of showing “Android Wear Watch”. It will ask you to give permission to access the same as remote shutter categorically.

Auto desk certainly released their phenomenal updates towards SketchBook exclusively for Android categorically. This incredible updates allows you to make the phenomenal support in the process of customization options for brushes and other color options too. One of the phenomenal updates you can enjoy with this app is that, you can certainly zoom your newly created image up to 2500%. You can also purchase the various costly tools for the better image editing works by offering just $3.99 indeed.