Next Version Android OS Named Android L

We are certainly known Google powered Android Operating system takes the domination in the world for the entire Smartphone in these days for sure. The main reason behind this particular level of achievement made by Google with this platform is as follows. The first important stuff is that, it is open source simply you can get the codes for free of cost to designs the same as per your desire. Another important factor comes in the form of customization for sure. While speaking in the point of customization, the operating system certainly allows the user to take the complete action against each pixel with the display for sure.

Next Version Android OS Named Android L

There are several upgrades and updates are comes from the Android Ginger bread version 2.3. Now, Google possessed with the Android Kitkat operating system which is one of the trendiest operating system in every Smartphone manufacturer for sure. There are over millions of apps and games are available for your android operating system exclusively in the destination named with Google Play Store indeed. As of now, Google is preparing for the most advanced and another altitude of operating system in the name of Android L. There are several huge expectations are grew towards the features and supports with this operating system among developers for sure.

The key features associated with the upgraded version Android system is that, new set of languages supports, phenomenal improvements in the Home and Lock Screen, setting panel access (INCLUDING ROOTING), graphical supports and more related services for sure. Another important functionality upgrades made with this Android L OS is it supports the 64 bit applications and games along with several fastest processors categorically. As of now, there are no 64 bit made android applications are available with the Google Play Store for sure. But, Soon Google will launch the 64 bit version android development platform for sure.

The first smart phones and tablets with 64-bit processors are expected from Qualcomm, Intel, and others are related competitive manufactures in the streets. Also, NVIDIA, Allwinner, Mediatek and other processor chip makers also initiated to have 64-bit chips based on ARMv8 architecture. Google’s first Android emulator image for 64-bit chips only supports x86 processors such as Intel’s Bay Moorefield, Trail, and Merrifield Processor. If possible that, ARM support will come later categorically. You can really expect some incredible features and related stuffs oriented with Android L for the entire needs of your Smartness.

Just keep buzzing around us to get the live updates about the features and options available with the Google Android L and other related Apps and Games too.

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