Latest Android Apps of this Week free download

Mostly the key success behind the Android operating system is none other than the attractive feature of free download to the games and other apps as well. Irrespective of the version of the android system you use, you can certainly get incredible apps and related long entertaining richer games for free for sure. In that sense, we are come up with some phenomenal stuff with the apps and games section of this week. Yes, just go through the available following top android apps of the week which are free to download as well. Make the most of them and feel free to offer valuable comments in the offered space as well.

Latest Android Apps of this Week free download
Latest Android Apps of this Week free download

Manuganu 2:
Have you experienced the first version of this particular game in the play store? If you are certainly not, then don’t worry the feature with this game is more advanced and gives you better relief and even you will get addict to the second and much updated version of the Manuganu 2 Android game. There are 40 different levels and 4 epic bosses are made accessible with this new android game of the week. The best part with this updated game is that, it comes with the 3D access along with awesome high graphics content as well.

Re-Volt: 2
This game certainly offers you some classy benefits and assault mode of experience as per the name of the game. Yes, you can really enjoy the same with your friends with the help of multiplayer option with the Revolt 2 game. As this is also an much updated android game, you can really expect some awesome gaming experience with the help of the graphics content. There are over 264 various stages to finish the game.

Rescue Moshling:
Have you experienced the Play Run Saga facebook game? If yes, you can really experience the same with the help of this particular Rescue Moshling android game for sure. The ultimate job of you in this Android game is to unite three or more colorful jams to vanish and save sensitive creatures available across the same.

Another interesting android app released in the play store over last week with the experience of running over the futuristic soviet highway. You can simply term this mobile game as endless running along with the mixed puzzler as well. You have to make brilliant effort to solve the puzzles to continue your run through the game.

Pirate Legends:
The name of the android game itself offers some stunning meaning about the same. Yes you can really enjoy the amazing mode of preciously designed astonishing pirate’s game. Also there are 20 various towers such as unique challenges available with this particular game and you can really enjoy them all for your mind relaxation effectively.

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