Brainy Android Games for Tablets 2014

In these days android games and respective apps are really one of the most life essential partners for most of the android lover’s lifestyle. Actually there are certain peoples who specially love to spend their time with their lovable android games and smart apps as well. Here we are come up with some incredible android apps which are effectively targeted by the developers for the tablet users indeed. All the given below android apps and games are really much suitable for various screen sized tablets along with the incredible graphics and sound tracks as well. Just explore the entire given below option of amazing android apps designed for the Tablet screens 2014.

Brainy Android Games for Tablets 2014
Brainy Android Games for Tablets 2014
Yes, the threes version android game is now exclusively available for higher bigger screen Smart tablets and you can definitely enjoy the same by downloading from here. This is some of the best tackling puzzle richer game in the play store indeed. You can really have some quality brainstorming experience with the same for sure. There are some incredible number of amazing levels are accessible with this Threes android game.

Smash iT!
Yes, you can really smash the entire stuffs such as obstacles like glass and metals that comes your wash effectively. The name of the game is certainly offered aptly indeed. You will certainly get additional balls to throw each time you smash a gemstone in it. Also you will be lose them every time you collide with an obstruction you should smash indeed.

Monument Valley:
I definitely don’t want to say much detail about the same as the popularity of the game is that high among the android users indeed? But, there are some additional updates are made with the same game in which you need to guide the princess from various obstacles and you need to utilize your engineering mind to construct various strong and confusing obstacles for the enemies as well.

GTA Cost Version:
Everybody certainly love this awesome gaming experience providing app none other than GTA. Irrespective of the age group is game comes under the all time familiar and impressive feature richer game as well. Though this game is certainly not available for free download, most of the peoples have already make huge download of the same with the impressive feature in it. You can now try the much updated and impressive feature richer at your tablet at just $6.99.

Just challenge your mind by yourself with the plenty of amazing questions across various subjects in the world. This now effectively possible with the help of simple download of the Quizup android app. There are over 500 unique topics and 300000 distinctive questions are accessible with the same indeed.

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