Running a Successful Facebook Page - 5 Ways to get likes

1. Choose the Theme and the Name

   First step is deciding what your Facebook fan page would be about and naming it right. If you run a site or a blog, you should be naming your page the same, so it would make your business popular. This name will help your customers find you while they search or even accidentally come across. There is a 25 character limitation on the fan page name, but short names are better remembered, so good!

2. Great URL and Greater Description

   You’d want to consider giving your page a fancy URL. This will look good while helping customers remember who you are. Description is the ‘About’ column on the page that will talk about your site, your business and provide a link to view it as well.

3. Search Engine Optimization

   Facebook pages are indexed by google and other search engines. So, filling up the description of your page with keywords will help increase your page rank. This kind of page optimization will help build up your page popularity which in turn will help your business as well.

4. Design your Page Well

   Not only the best content, but also a good page design wins you some points. Make your facebook page look attractive by incorporating a great design. Only an attractive page will bring in readers and fans. Remember that we’re all attracted by first impressions, so upload a superb cover picture that will make people go to your page on seeing it. If you do not have a great photo, you can make a good logo for your business. Either that, or you can hire a photographer or designer to do the above for you. While you have a good cover picture, do not ignore your profile photo. This deliberately comes up every time you post something, so it extremely important as well.

5. Page Promotion

   Now that your page is ready with great design and valuable content, you are now ready to put in online and promote it. For newbies, the best way to make a page popular is to request your friends to like it. You can send like requests to your friends, family and acquaintances who have an interest in your brand. Your present customers will provide your some likes when invited. Add a facebook Like button on your site that will help existing customers to like the page. Ensure you have regular activity that keeps your fans’ newsfeed updated. This will keep you popular. Add at least 2-3 new posts every day. Make sure you do not spam other’s walls, this may make them un ‘like’ your page!


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