Tesla Electro Phone Review


Branden Lesko

Branden Lesko
I still have my Samsung S6 Edge! The curved edge and screen is by far its best feature...also practically indestructible. I wish all the latest models kept that same level of durability. I managed to get 6 great years of usage out of that phone until the internal battery finally died.

John Doe
I love how you give context to all the characters from these special phones. I feel like a lot of the time creators expect us to know it (especially if it's from a game as popular as league) but for those like me who don't, your explanations are very helpful in understanding the value of these phones. Great video!

It's funny how the most expensive limited edition phones are actually the less customized and refined. From one end we have a completely custom phone, inside and outside, that shipped inside a bomb, with lots of themed gadgets. On the other end we have phones in the tens of thousands of dollars with stock accessories, okay packaging and not as much refined.

Aman Tripathi
I think most practical and better limited edition phone was oppo detective Conan edition the riddle unlock, colour changing back and the presentation was amazing and all other phones were great too , love Arun for these type of videos mann keep it up bro 🔥

shane nicholls
Absolutely love your joy in opening the different phone boxes , your are more than a little at the biggest Xmas tree, I had tears and a big smile enjoying your excitement .

Jackson heights
I really love ur content and enjoy how u upgrade your videography in every video. adrenaline rush is on same level with you. Can I request something? Can u make a video of worlds every first TECH and then compare it to recent times and give a bit of history to it. The amount of knowledge you have. Your the best one to pull this idea. And secondly. No one has ever done this on YouTube or anywhere.

Alan Downey
The Galaxy S6 Edge was only the 2nd phone with the curved glass screen. Just before it was the Galaxy Note Edge, which was basically the Note 4 with one edge being curved. Also with the stylus, and it was sort of a Note 4.5, in that it came between the Note 4 and the Note 5. (I worked at Samsung from 2013-2020)

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