How to Turn your Android Mobile into IPhone

Most of us would definitely have a thought of purchasing the Apple Iphones for sure. But due to various reasons apart from huge investments, we are unable to make the purchase of the same indeed. In these days, irrespective of the mobile manufacture, most of us definitely utilize the Android operating system for sure. We all know very well about the fact, Google play store consists of numerous numbers of apps and games using which you can certainly make your life smart and fruitful indeed. Now there is an special invention made available with the apps, that says, the amazing theme none other than, you can now turn your ordinary android mobile into the IOS iphone for sure.

How to Turn your Android Mobile into IPhone

We definitely know that, the ultimate success behind the android operating system was that, it allows you to make 200% customization of your desire without fail. Irrespective of your device such as, Smartphone or Tablet, you can make the mobile looks great as per your desire without any hiccups. Today, we are here to discuss about the hot topic of the world none other than, how to turn the android mobile into the iPhone through any customization app indeed.

The app is Espier Launcher iOS7, a customization layer for Android that mimics in detail the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Using this app you can certainly make the complete look of your Android mobile into the exact look of the iPhone indeed. The best feature made available with this app was that, you can certainly copy the look of iPhone to your Android mobile in great manner. Without any complications, you just have to download the application and it will do everything automatically and quickly. The app allows you to get the same interface as you get with the iOS.

The clock and calendar settings are really resembles the iOS mobile without any doubt. In the screen of the Espier Launcher app you will find entire apps installed on the android device, you can create as many folders by dragging icons on others and access them full screen or uninstall these applications as like you do it in iOS. While coming to the customization point of view, the app allows you to change the color of the icons and various sizes of the fonts as well. You can also simply customize the style of the theme in wonderful mode as you see in the IOS powered mobile.

By doing this particular step, you can certainly convert your Android mobile into IOS features without fail. Also please make the following download link to install the Espier Launcher Android app for your device and give your experience as comments without fail.


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